Music Review //
Eoghan Moylan
"All I Want Is Money"

There has always been this stigma around money where if you wanted too much of it you were greedy and made out to be a bad person.   And then there is also that old saying about how "money doesn't buy happiness".   But when you live in a society that is driven by money it's hard not to want it and I don't think people should be shamed for that anymore.  Granted, there are billionaires out there who are hoarding their money while other people starve and that's not all right, but if you want money because it would make your life better why is that so bad?

I've always felt like if I won the lottery and got some large sum of money, I'd use it to help myself first, sure, but then also to help other people who need it as well.   It's just weird to think that the next great musician or artist in some other way might be out there right now but they just can't quite get that song down or painting or sculpture because they're too focused on working for a job that pays them too little to just barely scrape by.  

This song starts off with harmonies and it sings about what the title is.  People can feel how they want to about that, but again, I think we should move away from the idea that wanting money is bad when our society is so focused on it and also everything is just so damn expensive these days.   If you're comfortable to the point where someone offers you $100 and you don't feel like you need it for yourself, you take it and give it to someone else who you think or know might need it.   It should be as simple as that.

In some ways this song can remind me of a combination of Typhoon and The Wallflowers.   There are horns in here as well which just make it seem that much more fun.   But, overall, this is an energetic take on something which has been seen in a negative light over time and I hope this song can kind of bring it into a positive way.   Saying that you want or need money shouldn't be a bad thing and hopefully this song can help see that through.  


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