Music Review //
Ava Della Pietra
"long way home"


The music of Ava Della Pietra really shines on this song.  It has this distinct sound of being upbeat- like the way Casio keys combine with a drum machine- but yet it can also feel a bit more down like Lana Del Rey.  As the lyrics suggest, the sound of "long way home" just really has that vibe of having fun because of what you're doing right now but then knowing that it's going to come to an end and so that adds a level of sadness and longing.

Though this is a lyric video, there are also still images shown throughout in front of backgrounds and they move kind of like paper dolls.  It's a neat collage aspect to see in the video and sometimes artists will have a "lyric video" and it's just a basic font over a solid color background, so the way that this music video does feel a bit artsy should not be overlooked or taken for granted.

Lyrically this song is about a roadtrip and just being young.   There are the lines: "My friends and I / driving on a summer day / singing our hearts out / the entire way" and it just hits home.  I've been part of many roadtrips in my day, in my youth, where we would sometimes go see a band play two states over or we'd simply just drive to nowhere.  

In many ways, this song is about taking that drive on the way back and knowing that the trip is coming to an end.   But it also has that feeling of being care-free from when you're just out there living life.  But as the trip ends, so does summer and so does your youth and things just change all around.   But this song is just such a nice reminder to hold onto the moments that you have while you can because they all end up in the past eventually.  


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