Music Review //
"Not Without A Fight"

Right away, I love this music video and song because it addresses a lot of issues all at once.  If you've been living in the United States or at least keeping up with what's been happening here since the global pandemic of 2020 it's been a mess (which is an under statement) as it just feels like the country is faced with one disaster after another.  And the problem is, in a large sense, with social media it becomes a matter of "Which one are we dealing with today?"

So while something might be prominent this week, next week the masses could've moved onto something else.   Which is bad because there are that many problems we must face but also some of our issues I think get left behind.  Danceland has done a great job in this video through song and visuals to show just what has been going on and what we can't continue to accept.  It's about blocking out that hate and moving forward.

In a lot of ways, I feel like we need another Woodstock- another festival about peace and love where people can get together and just accept each other and if anyone has a problem with that they're not invited.   But also, corporate sponsors and that type of thing would need to be left out because they need to be protested against too.   "Not Without A Fight" has that protest song feel to it and if it makes you uncomfortable then perhaps you're part of the problem.

Back in 2015, I remember reading about Sandra Bland all over social media.  It filled me with a great amount of fear.   And then one day, the news shifted and it was like it never happened and I never really felt like there was a sense of closure.   But things like this are happening all the time.  We're outraged on social media but do nothing otherwise and then just move onto something else.   With these melodies and thought-provoking lyrics I really hope Danceland can help people see the bigger picture of what is wrong with this country and how we can change it.


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