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Chaotic Wrestling
A Haunting In Tewksbury
@ Tewksbury Elks Lodge, Tewksbury, MA

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When people have been saying that traffic is getting worse, they aren't lying.  The first rest stop we usually go to on the Mass Pike was closed because someone had an accident and this caused traffic around that area to back up for quite a bit.  On top of that, when we switched over to the 495 we were in heavy traffic to the point where the map said "You have 21 miles to go and it's going to take you 54 minutes".   Just crazy stuff out here in the world of highways, but Quentin was off from school for a teacher day so we were able to leave early enough to still make it before doors opened.

Once inside we found our seats and I was surprised that we were dead center in the front row on the hard cam side because those seem like premium seats to me.   Quentin and I hit the bathroom while Jess guarded our stuff and when we came back The Higher Society was in the ring for some reason.   This may not be something that airs, but The Highers had a few different wrestlers out and they were doing different things to try and become a member of The Higher Society.  I wasn't really pulling for any of them and I was just sort of confused but the Sparta wrestler "won" and then was to accompany Armani Kayos for a match later on that night.

The show officially opened with Ricky Smokes coming out and demanding a match.   This lead to the entrance music hitting and the crowd going wild as Brian Milonas made his way to the ring.  For quite a bit of this match, Brian Milonas just beat the hell out of Ricky Smokes and it was fun to see.  Somehow, Ricky Smokes got the win and everyone there was surprised.   Still, a good match by fan favorite Brian Milonas and I'd definitely like to see him back in Chaotic sooner rather than later.

Our first title match of the evening saw Becca successfully defend the Pan Optic Championship against JT Dunn.  As much as this crowd was on the side of Becca, they were against JT Dunn.   It's great to have matches where you want to cheer both competitors (more on that later) but it's also nice to sometimes just have that clear direction of: Cheer Becca, Boo JT Dunn.  This was a really good, hard-hitting match and Becca has been putting in the work since this became the Pan Optic Championship.   But, to be fair, Becca has just been putting in the work since she debuted for Chaotic Wrestling.

After the match it looked like there would be a show of respect until JT Dunn laid out Becca with an elbow.  This took us right into MSP vs The Unit for the Tag Team Titles, as all four of these wrestlers came out along with Chase Del Monte.   Chase Del Monte told JT Dunn that if he got involved in the match then the titles would be stripped from The Unit.  Ace Romero and Mike Verna were defending the titles, which were won by Ace Romero, Trigga The O.G. and Danny Miles.  Where were Danny Miles and Trigga The O.G.?  Who knows.  But it's funny how both JT Dunn and Mike Verna can claim that they are Tag Team Champions when they weren't even in that match back at Summer Chaos.

So The Unit won their first of two title defenses and no one was happy about it.   MSP is really one of the biggest fan favorites in Chaotic right now and they didn't even get an actual entrance here.   I know they'll be back though.  This isn't the end of things between MSP and The Unit, as it seems like no one ever really has finished business with The Unit.  Until The Unit is somehow forced to disband, this story is going to keep going on and on.

Armani Kayos came out next with Paris Van Dale and that Sparta wrestler for an open challenge.  This match was accepted by Bobby Orlando and though they stopped playing his theme song through the speakers we kept singing it.   I fully expected that with this being basically a three on one match up, Bobby Orlando was going to lose but the attempted interference by Sparta backfired and Bobby Orlando got the win.   Now, not only do I want to see Shook Crew vs The Highers but I also think that Armani and Paris have to go back to the proverbial drawing board in their search for a new Higher.   (My Personal Pick: Jessie Nolan, but then I'd have to cheer them)

The next match could have easily been the main event of the evening and it could easily main event any other number of promotions.   Brad Cashew defended the New England Championship against Ace Austin and it was one of those Match Of The Year contenders just for the pure athletic value of it.   Whether you watch Chaotic, whether you watch Impact, whether you like a certain style of wrestling or not this is just a match which everyone who calls themselves a fan of professional wrestling should go out of their way to see.


This match also took us into intermission.  I never really know what it's going to be like in terms of buying merch from wrestlers at shows because sometimes they come take photos and sell merch and other times they don't.   I didn't know whether or not Ace Austin would sell merch but he went straight from the ring to the merch table and had an immediate line.   Let me tell you: from the time intermission started until it ended, Ace Austin was there taking photos, signing autographs and selling merch the entire time.   I'm not going to speculate how much money he made just on merch alone that night (Though I know how much I gave him and you can see my merch purchases over on Instagram) but I just think it's cool he stayed for every last fan.

The last few fans were still there as the show came back from intermission and after the show Ace Austin came back out to the merch table again and was still selling merch.  This was unlike anyone else selling merch I'd ever seen before, but there is a reason for it.  Aside from being an amazing professional wrestler, Ace Austin seems to have his merch game down to a science.  Along with t-shirts and 8x10's, Ace Austin was selling posters, trading cards, playing cards, a Micro Brawler and a few other items as well.   And it wasn't just merch for the sake of merch- everything was so badass and it all made me go "I want that!"

Following intermission, the second of the Tag Team Championship matches happened, however Chase Del Monte teamed with Love In The City because JT Dunn wanted to get involved so badly.   This match was a lot of fun and I was really hoping for LITC to pick up the win because it would not only mean that The Unit would be without any gold it would also create an interesting dynamic between MSP and LITC.   But The Unit did what they do and that's win by any means necessary.  I'm not sure how, but this whole thing has to conclude with The Unit vs Chaotic in some form of War Games, right??

Next we had Shannon LeVangie (who recently earned a spot on the Chaotic roster) come out and issue a challenge to Ava Everett, who had been doing social media at ringside all night.  Ava Everett basically said no and had Aaron Rourke come out to face Shannon LeVangie instead.  Aaron Rourke actually lost the match and this should all result one day in Shannon vs Ava one on one, but before that I think Shannon LeVangie needs to find herself.  I look at Shannon LeVangie as being a lot like Becca was when she debuted.  She was Basic Becca for a little bit.  But look at how far Becca has come now!  Shannon LeVangie just needs to find her scrunchie.

This sent us into the main event which saw Davienne defend the Chaotic Heavyweight Championship against Anthony Greene.   JT Dunn came out to watch this match because it needed a bad guy and they played a little bit into AG possibly joining The Unit but we all know Anthony Greene is out for the gold not for putting his hands together and saying "Take the pledge".    This was a really good match and me not knowing who to cheer for because I love them both so much is a good problem to have.

I'm not really sure that any promotion out there is creating better shows right now than Chaotic Wrestling.  I say this simply because their matches always deliver, but that also is because of the talent which is in the company and the talent which they bring in from the outside.  As an example to this, the next Chaotic show is called "The Balance Of Power" and will feature Eddie Edwards.   I said to Jess that I would really like to see Eddie Edwards vs JT Dunn.  I think that would just be a spectacular match.   But then, as I thought about it, I realized while that match was my first thought, it doesn't matter who Eddie Edwards faces at "The Balance Of Power" because he'll have a great match with anyone on the Chaotic roster.

You also have to think about how Chaotic Wrestling has stars who have made their way up the ladder and been with the company forever, such as Davienne, JT Dunn, Mike Verna and Chase Del Monte, while Chaotic is also creating new stars at the same time.   Far too many wrestling promotions (you know who you are) are not capable of creating new stars but rather just poach talent when they become popular somewhere else first.    I might be biased because of where we live, and I realize every wrestling company has something different to offer (or at least they should) but I'd say right now Chaotic Wrestling is the best wrestling promotion in the world hands down.


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