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Blitzkrieg! Pro
Fall Children
House of Pierogies, Enfield, CT

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Fall Children was a pretty loaded show and I want to jump to the end before I even address anything else that happened, but for the sake of continuity I'm going to try and keep things in order.   This was a show that I was really looking forward to and as I said to Jess afterwards it was also a show full of wrestlers that I knew and liked, even if I booed some of them.   There wasn't anyone there that I hadn't really seen live before (outside of Dango and Breezus) and there wasn't anyone there that made me go "Ugh, they're on this card", so I definitely feel like going into 2022 that should be a new standard we set for all wrestling shows.

Right away when we got into the show and were told we were front row I asked "Our names are on the seats?" and got this look in response like "Of course they are, why wouldn't they be!" and that's one of the things I also love about Blitzkrieg! Pro.  If someone takes the time to buy tickets to your show *before* the show (and they're seats, not standing general admission) then you, as the promotion, should put their name on the chair.   It's something small and extra but, as a fan, it makes me incredibly happy and I keep saying it because there are promotions who keep not doing it.

Blitzkrieg! Pro has such a diverse talent roster and I was thinking a few days after this show how it felt like maybe ten years ago or so every independent wrestling show was the same.   It felt like they had this blueprint they all ran by, which always seemed to include at least one Doink.   But then Blitzkrieg! Pro came along, in a punk rock way, and changed the rules.   There are promotions out there today, running shows, which stand out where they are unique to them, but I feel like Blitzkrieg! Pro was really one of the promotions (if not *the* promotion) that went about standing out before everyone else.

To make things slightly less confusing though, I will say that there were three matches on this show in which the winners would qualify for Ladder Hell, which is coming up in December.   King Crab, Devantes and Aaron Rourke all qualified, though the Bedlam Champion will also be in the match as well as a fifth yet-to-be-named person, so that alone leaves a bunch of mystery and should sell you on the December show.  Though now might be a good time to also point out that Danhausen vs Max Caster was also signed for the December show, so that might also be a good reason to buy tickets the second they go on sale.

One aspect I do enjoy of Blitzkrieg! Pro is that I feel like as a promotion and fan we're on the same page.  For example, they see how much I love Riley Shepard (and who doesn't) and now I'm seeing Riley Shepard in a B!P ring.   The tag team match between A Message To You and Hardcore Geeks was also one of the best of the evening, as the crowd never really seemed to want to boo either team and so that just seemed to make it a lot more fun.

Prior to intermission, Dirty Dango came out with Breezus and said that Breezus was not cleared to fight.  MSP came out and I think we all wanted to see that Breezango vs MSP match that, when Breezus is healed up Blitzkrieg! will likely try to put together.   Jeff Cannonball came out and I thought his face paint was for Halloween, though I only saw it briefly when he took his mask off and then The Batiri hit the ring and it turned into a six person tag match.   Say what you will about Dango, but he was on his back in the ring when one of The Batiri went to the top rope and he just rolled out of the way.  He just kept rolling back and forth and the crowd loved it.  How can you not respect what this guy does?

At one point, one of the Batiri members came outside the ring right between Jess and I and told us to move.   Typically, if I see the action coming my way, I don't move.  But when you're told to move in such a manner, you leave your stuff behind and you get out of the way because whatever is likely going to happen you don't want to be a part of!  I wondered at this point as well if Quentin was with us if he would've been so quick to move because he also does not like to move.  I think this might have been the first time when the action came my way that I did in fact move as well.

Two of the matches that I wanted to see the most- and really came to see- took place after intermission.   The Top Dogs vs Masha Slamovich and Trish Adora was just four of the best wrestlers in the world today going at it inside that ring.   I love all four of them and didn't know who I wanted to win, but that's a good problem to have.   The fact that Trish Adora was debuting in Blitzkrieg! made this must see for me, and other fans were behind her as well, so I really do hope to see her back sooner than later.  Trish Adora vs Bobby Orlando would be quite fun.

A match which, to my knowledge, has never happened before but seems like it should have by now was MV Young vs Tony Deppen.   This seems like a clash of styles on some level, but you also know that both of these guys are going to go in there and just beat the hell out of each other.  And that's exactly what they did.   This was a match that people- wrestling fans and wrestlers alike- should be watching for years to come because it was truly two of the best at their best.

The main event is where a lot of the controversy lies, but also it's what sets the stage for the rest of the year and even next year for Blitzkrieg! Pro.   Bobby Orlando defeated Kirby Wackerman to regain the Bedlam Championship with the help of Bryce Donovan.   This seems simple enough when you type it: Shook Crew are back on the same page and perhaps this was all part of some bigger plot we didn't know about.   But it isn't really that easy because, like most good things in wrestling, the story is complex.

Bryce Donovan seemed a little reluctant to help Bobby Orlando and afterwards Bryce Donovan also seemed to show a little bit of regret.   Shook Crew didn't have that big moment where they hugged and laughed at the fans like "We got you!", it felt more like Bryce Donovan questioning why he did what he did.    This will certainly make a lot of things going forward very interesting.   For one thing, Kirby Wackerman deserves a rematch, if only because of the manner in which he lost.

But then in December, the Bedlam Championship will be defended in Ladder Hell.  So does Kirby go into that match?   Does someone else take that fifth spot?  And what role will Bryce Donovan play in all of this?  I really thought Bryce would defeat Devantes and go into Ladder Hell but he could still get in there somehow.   There are certainly more questions than answers right now, but that should just leave fans wanting more, which is what wrestling is all about.   In terms of talent, in ring work and storytelling, Blitzkrieg! Pro just seems to be firing on all cylinders and every show is must see.


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