Music Review //
Avi Wisnia
"Come Home To"


The song "Come Home To" hits a very specific sound but also a specific and yet different time for the frame of thought.   In that way it feels like a treat because it has this sound from the past mixed with ideas of the present.   I think about what it would be like if any number of artists were still making music and what those songs might be about in modern times, and though this doesn't sound like a Rage Against the Machine song with 2021 politics, it does feel like it's giving us that glimpse into something which we shouldn't be seeing- the past and present joining forces.

Through the delicate almost banjo-sounding plucks of the acoustic strings, Avi Wisnia has a sound which can remind me of Counting Crows or Barenaked Ladies, a somewhat specific type of lullaby sound.   But then when I think back to the 1990's I begin to think of bands such as Deep Blue Something and Del Amitri, who have that same type of acoustic rock sound.   I truly do believe that Avi Wisnia would've fit in so well with those other artists in late '90's and this song feels like it's ripped right from that time.

And then I think about the song and the meaning behind it.  Isn't it strange how we have to come home to something or someone because of how much time we spend not at home- whether it be at school when we're younger or at work later in life.  Isn't it funny how a pandemic taught us to spend more time at home and many people shifted to work from home jobs because they realized it was a better work place environment.   While this can be taken as a love song at heart, it can also be more deeply read into.

On the theme of the pandemic, there is a line: "Life doesn't give you reasons for the way it never turns out how you planned" and I think that many people were invested in their futures and their lives going a certain way until 2020 hit.   It's nice to see the recognition of life often times not giving an explanation, but to set this all under such a pleasant melody also makes it a bit easier to think about, to discuss and to come to the realization that we can't always control every aspect of our lives but we should appreciate those which we can, such as who or what we come home to at the end of the day.  


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