Music Review //
Ronley Teper and The Lipliners
"Everyone Loves A Good Story"


When listening to this song it can have horns come through with the starts and stops which always makes me think of either jazz or the blues but really it just needs to be said that this song has soul.   There isn't really a genre to place this in, as it can feel like a lounge singer or Florence + The Machine without sounding exactly like them or in a genre which they would fit in.  There is an experimental way about this for sure as I can imagine a lot of moving around the stage during a live performance, more of art than dance, and I really enjoy that as well.

"Everyone Loves A Good Story" is coupled with a music video which is animated in a computer style, as it makes me think of a video game.   There is a main character who travels around and at one point as the lyrics mention writer's block you even see a plague doctor (which, as a writer, I can confirm is 100% accurate)   Subtitles are also on the video and so it becomes fun in a way to hear the musical portions of the song as you're reading about them intensifying or simply sounding eerie.

What I like about this song as well is that despite the title it isn't so much a story as it is about a story.  And so, not to be too confusing, but having a song which is about a story does in fact make it a story, so it is a story of a story and it just works.   More than anything it's less of a "Here's my story I hope you like it" and more about helping you find your story as the end even states: "Everything in life starts with creativity.  If you don't know where to go, just keep going.  Eventually you'll end up somewhere".

Musically this song is unique as it can stand out in a playlist from other artists and also it makes me want to hear more from this same artist.  Lyrically it will take you on an adventure which will hopefully help to inspire you in whatever creative platform you choose to create in.   The video also feels distinct, like something we don't see a lot of these days but it feels like we should.   If music videos were still on MTV, this would be huge but at the same time I would also argue that this single video could be the flme to ignite an entire MTV resurgence.  


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