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"Catharsis" //

"Catharsis" is an instrumental album full of sounds which can range from being chill to being rather intense.   I am particularly a fan of playing this entire album through from start to finish, as if you are able to experience it in one sitting there is a difference than if you take out individual songs as singles.   

Opening up with the song "Acceptance", the vibe is chill and rather percussion heavy.  "Virtues of Isolation" is just under a minute in length and feels more like an interlude as there are warped vocals with the sounds of water.  "Seeds of Faith" (Isolation Mix) has these strings about it like a snakecharmer in a trance loop and I feel like I've heard something similar once before in a Blue October song but I can't quite place the instrument.

Drums return on "Shadow Work", but this time in a more traditional drumming way, as there are also lasers, beeps and bloops.   A sweet guitar riff also makes it way into the song "Shadow Work" and it seems to draw an influence from Incubus.   There is a sound of bees on the fifth track, "Dreamtime", which then expands into the darkest of realms before becoming a little bit of a funky dance number, proving nothing is out of the ordinary for Marc E.

"Ethereal Glade" has birds at the end of it which carry over into the following song, "Surrenduring to Now".  Acoustic guitar strums and claps take us into a more calm place, but by the time this album reaches it end it feels as if we have been through a storm.  This only seems fitting because I feel like as we reach the end the rain would wash away whatever you wanted to be rid of by the end of this album, as this experience would definitely have you coming out from it different than how you went in.  


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