Music Review //
My Autumn Amor
"Quiet Girl" //

While the music of My Autumn Amor can begin with dark acoustics, as it spreads out during the course of this EP you can hear several different sounds taking us into various levels of pop.   One thing I do enjoy about My Autumn Amor is that the word "Autumn" is in their name, as it feels like most artists want to either focus on the bright sunshine of summer or the cold snow of winter.  Autumn is an underrated season in music and though "Quiet Girl" was released back in July, it is a good time now (as it is Autumn) to be listening to this EP.

Though the titular track, which opens the EP, can have that Pink Floyd trippy way about it, the second song- "RSVP"- becomes more of a pop song but like Owl City or Ben Folds.   "Tempest Eye" takes us into the keys and it's a place we somewhat stay.   My Autumn Amor has this way of creating rock based music but with the sound of keys and so it takes on something I haven't heard before.  I've heard quite a few bands come along with the keys in that sort of ska way- a punk band such as Digger for example- and even with the pop on the radio, My Autumn Amor just seems to be forging their own path.

As lasers are fired during the last song you can hear the line repeated: "And you will rise again in time".   This is particularly interesting to me, to go out on that line in a sense, because Winter comes along and kills everything but then the Spring brings it back.  So how much more of an Autumn hint do you need within these songs than that single line?  And how clever is it that if it had left out the "in time" part then this could have been thought of as being in the Spring time rather than the Autumn.

Autumn has always been my favorite season because the summer can be too hot, the winter can be too cold and I'd rather go from warm to cold than cold to warm as the Spring does.  Summer and Winter each have their own moods in music and Spring also does when you think about things as being in bloom.   I've never really thought about the sound of Autumn though, as I typically just jump right from Summer to Winter, and so in that way, My Autumn Amor has not only created a genre for rock music but also for an entire season.  


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