Music Review //
Tino Ojeda
"Almighty God/Poderoso Dios"

Right away, I see the title "Almighty God" and I know what this one is about.   I have a thing about music where it feels like it's about something which excludes a group of people.  This doesn't just apply to religion, but things like songs about being straight edge or vegan could also limit the number of people you will be able to hear your song.  A lot of people out there will look at this song by Tino Ojeda and right away see that it has "God" in the title and not listen to it because either they don't believe in God or just don't like what can be referred to as "church music".

I actually do enjoy the calming, non-threatening pianos and guitar sound on this one.  But let's face it, there have been too many songs out there about God that just all sound the same.  And if you are someone who so deeply believes in God that you listen to the songs which are about God, then odds are good that you're going to listen to this one and enjoy it just because those type of music listeners tend to listen to all of the music about God regardless of how good or bad it is (But hey! It's about God!)

In some ways, I guess I feel like music about God is the same as holiday music.  Though mass retail and Mariah Carey may say otherwise I think there is this very short period of time between December 1st and December 24th when it is acceptable to listen to "Christmas music".  But you put a "Christmas song" on in the middle of July and I'm turning it right off.  Though neither a holiday nor a season, I think this type of "Christian music" also has a time and a place.   Inside of a church is one of those places, but for me, in my life and day to day I just don't have the fit.

Regardless of how good this song might be- and I do enjoy the composition of it- the fact is that it is for a very specific group of music listeners (Though who believe in God so much that they like to listen to songs about God) and in that way it also feels very direct.  Without even hearing this song and just knowing what it is about based upon the name, you've probably already determined whether or not you will listen to it.   And that is to be expected as there really is no middle ground here.