Music Review //
Dream Eyes
"Heaven" //

One of my favorite things about music is when it tells you what it is without even having to hear it.   Having the artist name Dream Eyes just goes right ahead to convey that message of this artist sounding dreamy.  On top of that, the song title "Heaven" just makes you think of a certain type of shoegaze sound which can be heard within this song.   Sometimes things like this feel obvious for a reason and when they are it just makes music-listening so much easier.

"Heaven" has synths and could be largely thought of as synthwave.  There are beats which come into the song and in a broad sense it can remind me of The Killers but there is also something else within the sound, something between Owl City and something I might have heard years ago on a whenthesunhits compilation.    Though Dream Eyes may not be exactly shoegaze, the sound is shoegaze adjacent enough that if you were a fan of shoegaze this should be on your radar.

Another redeemable quality of Dream Eyes is the way in which this song can feel like pop but not as poppy as what you might think of on the radio.  There is this wave of pop music which can become so overly poppy it almost becomes annoying to me.   But then when I listen to certain artists and their songs- such as Dream Eyes here with "Heaven"- I am reminded that something doesn't have to be annoying to be catchy and just enjoyable to listen to at any given time.

This is not just an example of the type of song that could be on the radio but it is the type of song which should be played on the radio right now.   There are a lot of reasons to like this song and the fact that you can play it at almost any time and immediately be drawn into it is one reason why it would do so well among the masses.    There is also that aspect in which "Heaven" could be a hit underground, but let's face it, music is meant to be heard.  


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