Friday, October 15, 2021

Music Review //
Davey Long


I've often thought about the idea presented in this song- that we are all flesh and blood.  Simple things we do seem mundane to me.   Brushing your teeth or sleeping, for example.   However you choose to believe that human beings came about, I feel like we are rather flawed to a point where why wouldn't you make it so we didn't have to shower?  Why couldn't our bodies be self-cleaning?  And why is it so easy for something sharp to puncture our veins and kill us?  Our skin should be indestructable.  At least, if I was creating the entire human race that might be some place I'd start.

Through acoustic melodies, pianos come through like Coldplay and this song has an overall enjoyable sound to it.   It can feel a little bit trippy in the background, like Pink Floyd, but there still just exists that mainstream radio vibe that makes me feel like this should be played everywhere in an effort to bring all people together.   There exists not only that message in the lyrics, but within the music itself as I feel like this song has a little bit of something for everyone in the recipe without sounding exactly like one specific genre.

The music video for "FLESH & BLOOD" has switching scenes from the woods to the city.  There is also someone drumming in the middle of a field with a path cut out to get to that one spot and I find that kind of neat.   People, by nature, have many differences but I've always felt like one of the biggest ones was that some people live in the city while others live in the country.  People in the city can view the country people a certain way- such as being backwards- while the country folk can think of the city life as being too fast paced and those who live it are also a particular way, almost like opposites.

Combining these visuals with the lyrics might not be the big "We Are The World" hit that it should be because I'm inclined to believe that there will likely always be someone who doesn't like someone else for no reason at all- people will always have their differences because it just seems to be their way.   But, if this song and Davey Long can somehow bring any amount of people together- no matter how big or how small- then it is a success.  

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