Music Review //
"A Series of Moments"

Throughout the songs on "A Series of Moments" there are several different eras of electronic music being explored.   On one hand, these songs can take on a pop feel, going back to the 1980's and 1990's.   At the same time they can jump right up to the 2000's and into the present.  It is all a matter of the song, but that chillwave / synthwave vibe found within each of them connects all of the songs together.  

From the very first song- "Something In The Way"- you can hear this influence of Ladytron, but also it feels a little bit like Debbie Gibson and something from that time period.   With big, expanding synth the eras can change and on "Mechanical" I can hear the Polly Scattergood, a more modern influence perhaps.   "Undone" really has a strong Madonna vibe to it and that 1980's / early 1990's Madonna sound is one which musicians don't seem to draw influence from enough.

"I Die" is an instrumental number, which has elements of Knight Rider in it complete with laser blasts.   This is important because it demonstrates how this album can remain essential even without the vocals, putting that emphasis on the musical aspects of this.   By the same token, the song "Mr Ciao!" reminds me of the Lady Gaga song "Alejandro", which brings it into a present and future sense of pop and electronic music.

Whatever your preferred style of music might be, if you enjoy something with a beat and something which you can dance to then Sines is creating music for your ears.    More impressive than the sounds which it seems to draw from are the eras of music because there isn't one specific account of electronic music but rather the entire genre broken down into individual songs.