Thursday, October 21, 2021

Music Review //
Blake Red
"The Cradle"

Blake Red has found a genre of rock music which can touch upon the deepest realms of goth and metal, but also it remains as melodic as anything else I've ever heard.   Only once in a while does an artist such as Blake Red come along and there aren't many others to point at for comparison here because this style is not only so unique but it has been so perfectly crafted.  Others might attempt it, but they will not be able to conquer these same levels of musical achievements.

During the very first song, which happens to be the titular track, there is a break down towards the end.   This gets layered vocals, starts and stops, and then the drumming just seems to take over as well.  Though the music isn't really something you'd put on and immediately compare it with, this ending on the first song does make me think of System Of A Down.   This is just one of the examples on this EP as to how this can be thought of as metal without really being metal- or at least without being the type of metal you are perhaps used to hearing.

Big guitar chords with the vocals just belted out, this is a bit of Dead Sara and some of The Courtesans as well.    When you consider how many artists have created music since the dawn of rock, and the fact that these are the two main ones who I can compare this with- and that there are only two- it should just go to show you how special this is.   Though there are these heavier elements within the songs, I feel like any fan of rock music should be on board with this one.  

Quite possibly the biggest factor to consider within this EP though is not just how masterfully these songs are played but also the vibes which they give off.    Especially when we get to the end and hear the song "Follow Me", you can really feel the darkness and how the metal aspect of the music can make this feel borderline goth.   If there exists a genre for not quite metal and not quite goth music which just flat out rocks and also happens to be heavy on the melodies I am not aware of it, but Blake Red might have just created it.  

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