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Anthony Byrne


There exists a definitive pop sound which comes from the song "Chasing" by Anthony Byrne.   As soon as the song begins you can hear the combination of beats and melodies.  The singing comes in and sometimes it gets faster but overall it just has that pure pop feeling with a lot of chill.   While not something which I feel can be easily defined, when you first hear the song your mind should go right away to the notion that this should be on the radio at the very least.  If I was searching through radio stations and heard "Chasing" I wouldn't be surprised by it, as it seems as if it will fit right in.

Someone who listens to the radio more might have caught some band at some time which could provide a little bit more clarity than I can, but I definitely hear something like AWOLNATION in here (which is a broad statement) but for something more current on the radio I would also say this has the same path as AJR.   And I just remember turning on the radio one day and there was "Bang" by AJR.  It was on the rock station, then the pop station and I think that "Chasing" could just appear in a similar way for Anthony Byrne.

This video is described as a visualizer and features a rotating pyramid with different symbols surfacing around it.   If you were listening to this song at a party and this came onto the tv screen it would be fun, but there isn't a lot to the video itself.   But within the lyrics you will find the opening lines: "I reside between the lines / Of the lives much greater lived", which makes me think that there is meaning behind the seeming simplicity of the video.   Sometimes life isn't about the big events, but rather the getting to those events.

In that way, "Chasing" is a reminder that while it's great to post a huge accomplishment such as graduating college on Instagram there is still all of those countless hours of work that went into it.  If you post to social media that you got your degree, many of your followers will like that and comment their congratulations.  But they wouldn't do the same if you posted 400 hours of classroom lectures.   So even though the rewards can be fulfilling, let this song serve as a reminder for you to remember the chase.  


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