Music Review //
Pistol Wit Da Bangaz
"Audio Pablo"


As someone who grew up listening to hip hop on cassettes, I really appreciate the fact that I can hear the song "Audio Pablo" and not immediately think it sounds like someone such as Dr Dre or 2Pac.   In fact, I can recognize this song as hip hop because of the beats and the lyrical content but I'm not really sure otherwise who to place it with for an influence.  The beats have that bounce in the trunk feeling to them, like "Forgot About Dre", but even the voice on the rapping is different from anything I've ever heard.

The lyrics really seem to reflect that this is original musically, but there are also those lines about wanting to get rich and the things which, let's face it, the majority of people think about.  There also feels like this idea which needs to be discussed about what is wanted and what is owed.  While many people have that concept in their mind of making a lot of money, not everyone does make a lot of money for various reasons.   "Audio Pablo" has more a mindset about it, as a song, where they want money because they have the talent and deserve the money and I respect that.

While this video has a song that should be played loudly throughout your speakers, there is also a music video which needs to be watched.   Fully animated, there is a character at first running from the cops and then later on is on stage getting paid.   This video reminds me a lot of what Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" might have been like if it was a hip hop song instead.    In some ways the video also reminds me of a video game such as GTA and not just because of the style in which it is animated.

Far too often I feel like I'm petitioning to bring music videos back to MTV or for someone to make something similar because "Audio Pablo" would end up on there and be enjoyed by everyone who sees it in such a huge way.  On top of that, Pistol Wit Da Bangaz has created a song here which defies hip hop genres, paves its own way from the past to the future and overall should just be blasting out of your trunk.  


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