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Modern Monsters
"Modern Monsters" //

I really miss the days when bands would have these visual effects which would go with the sound of their music.   Bands like KISS and Misfits come to mind in terms of artists you could listen to on record but still see perform live and it was something special.   With a name like Modern Monsters, you know you're getting into something which is to be seen as well as heard.   The first song- "Furrow"- even has that creepy laughing before and after the song to show you how much like a monster it can be.

Though it might only be for the chorus, I feel like Modern Monsters sound a bit like System Of A Down on the song "Furrow".   The verses have more of a metal feel to them with fast paced drumming and just killer guitar riffs.   This just goes to show you how complex the music can be in the sense that the entire song (and EP) doesn't sound like System Of A Down but rather just this one specific part (the chorus) does and the rest of the EP has other distinct sounds.

This also holds true in the song "Lament" which has a spoken breakdown which then gets hectic and reminds me of Rage Against The Machine.  Again, it's this one portion of this one song that happens to sound like them and not the EP as a whole, but isn't it funny how Modern Monsters have created this sound where we are able to pick other sounds out of pieces of it, creating something unique overall.

On "Stay Free" (the last song) there is a lot of aggression and it reminds me of something from the 1990's along the lines of Ugly Kid Joe or that early on Soundgarden.  To say this is metal would be to break it down into its simplest form, but at the same time the complexities within the sound are what make it stand out, for fans of metal and just fans of heavy music in general.