Thursday, October 14, 2021

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While artists have come through with music videos, SOMEFINN describes this particular video for "Contact" as "a short film" and I believe it is worthy enough to be discussed at great length.  The video opens with someone who is blindfolded flipping through channels on a television.  As someone who has very bad eye sight, I've always wondered why there weren't more modern remedies for it.   There should be some form of robot eyes by now that we can use to see and have in place of our own eyes, right?  With how many people in the world wear glasses, it just seems like it should be a higher priority.

The scene in the music video switches over to a woman pole dancing on a beach.  This later becomes the same woman pole dancing in a club while the blindfolded person from earlier is present.  Ultimately, the pole dancing woman ends up back on the beach with no one else around.  If nothing else, the contrast between the beach and the club should show you that this woman was wearing the same outfit in each shot and so there feels like there is some connection there between being at a club and being on the beach. (People can condemn women for being half naked at a strip club but at the beach it's totally acceptable)

In the sense that this song is called "Contact" though, I think about how people who cannot see have to use touch in order to guide themselves.   This is that Daredevil idea of one of your five senses not working so the others become heightened.   If I had to choose which of my five senses I could no longer have, I'd have to pick the sense of smell.  The amount of bad smells in this world greatly outweighs the number of good smells so I don't feel like I'd really be missing much and if anything it might work to my advantage.

Through melodic rock which reminds me a bit of The Killers, SOMEFINN have created a song which you should have in your playlists and be listening to just because it can stand so well on its own merits.  But much like "November Rain" or "Black Hole Sun", "Contact" is also a song that you will not be able to erase the memory of the video from your mind once you see it-- the sound and the video will forever be connected.   It may not be what SOMEFINN had in mind with this song, but the way the two things go together does feel like a form of contact.  

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