Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Music Review //
Devin Reardon
"Take Me To The Coast" //

One thing that I've always thought to be true, as someone who has spent the majority of their life living on the east coast, is that there has always been this feeling amongst those on the east coast to one day want to move to the west coast, specifically California.  I'm not sure what people who live in the middle of the United States want to do, but there has been this long standing idea of people not wanting to be on the east coast and rather the west coast.  In some ways, you could think about this Devin Reardon song in that way, but it is also just specifically about going to the beach.

As far as "Take Me To The Coast" goes, I feel like I am on a similar wave length as Devin Reardon because as a child when my parents would take me to the beach, or even in my teenage years if someone wanted to go, it wasn't always the most fun experience for me.   This might sound weird, but I think I specifically felt that way because no matter what you did you always seemed to come home with sand and you'd find it still on yourself for days.  In my later years, more recently, I've come to love the beach and the fact that there is sand in my car has become somewhat of a badge of pride for me.

With elements that can range from Jimmy Buffet to Beach Boys, Devin Reardon brings about a guitar driven song which is at a moderate tempo.   At one point into the song, it just really kicks in and begins going faster.   It is in ths way I can think of it as being almost like ska, almost like the second or third album by Catch 22 (The Victory Records one)   Part way between beach party song and punk rock anthem, Devin Reardon really is creating a unique style of music here which is exceptionally great for the sunshine.

During this song, there is a story being told about the singer going from not liking the beach to liking it and then that feeling becomes bittersweet.   This is a good reflection of life because throughout our time on this planet we're going to come across things which we may not have known about before but were exposed to because of someone in our life who then went on to leave our life.   As much as "Take Me To The Coast" can be about the straight forward idea of going to the beach, I also like to imagine it as having some underlying meaning about learning things from people you may no longer care about.

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