Friday, October 15, 2021

Music Review //
Louise Aubrie
(Carrot Bone Records)

Seeing the name of this album as "Antonio", of course, makes me think about who it could be about (it's not) and the first Antonio who comes to my mind.   It might be something where we can tell how old we are or what our influences are based upon what famous celebrity (or otherwise) comes to our mind first upon hearing the name Antonio.  Of course, for me, the first Antonio that comes to my mind is Antonio Banderas, which is likely that Robert Rodriguez influence over my life.

At first, "Antonio" sounds a little bit scary, in that haunted way which is good for this to be an album released in October.   At times this sound reminds me of Blondie, but there is also this fast paced punk rock way about it that I can't put my finger on.   The guitars really shine on "Bang" and while it has that sound like The Donnas it is also mixed with elements of Delta Dart.   It's rock n roll, somewhat Dance Hall Crashers and then even though it has synths the vibe of "Lost" makes me think of The Cranberries.

There is a horn section on "Hard" while there are some nice electronics on "Dark".   Every song has a one word title, though the lyrics are definitely worth paying attention to.   There are songs which name drop Antonio, but it doesn't appear in any specific way which makes you think it's about the Antonio that you know.  I also really enjoy the energy behind the last song, "Lies", which is a great example of both going out with a bang and always leaving them wanting more.

When I first put this album on I was looking for that comparison from another artist in the sense of a band.  I thought it might be like The Runaways, but the more I listen to it I feel like Louise Aubrie is like Joan Jett.  There is that presence of stardom which can come from other artists such as P!nk, Cher and Dolly Parton which make me feel like Louise Aubrie is much bigger than the music itself.    These are really exceptional songs but it also just feels like part of the bigger picture and that is one you should also see.

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