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Violence x Suffering
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Back in the summer, I remember reading about the Violence X Suffering event called "No Justice, No Peace".   I haven't seen it, but I do like the idea of this promotion right away because it's not called "Something Something Wrestling".   If you see a shirt with "Violence X Suffering" on it, you don't know right away that it's a wrestling promotion and so I like that if it doesn't spark a conversation at least someone might go home and google search it.   I was watching this event solely on the basis of the main event having 2 Cold Scorpio in it and he's also facing Tony Deppen, one of my favorite wrestlers.   The fact that this is my first VxS show and the other matches are all seemingly good on paper as well just make it that much easier to enjoy.

This show started with none other than Joel Gertner in the ring handling the introductions and I guess there might be a home for him in 2021.   What you have to understand about me, is that during the time of ECW, I was in my teens.  When I first discovered ECW had a show on at 2 am i was 1994 and I was a mere 14 years old.  So being 15, 16, 17, etc. and hearing Joel Gertner's sleezy lines made me laugh.  But now, if you do the math, I'm 41 and I feel like it's just kind of cringe.  But there is perhaps a younger crowd watching that finds it more appealing- I don't know.  It was just nice to see a familiar face in the ring to start the show at least.

The first match was Jordan Oliver vs. Daniel Garcia and both of these guys seem to be everywhere these days.   I've seen Daniel Garcia on both ICW NHB and Lucha Memes shows recently so I'm not going to type up that same thing a third time about him being in NXT.   Jordan Oliver is dominating over in MLW to the point where he has an upcoming World Title match against Jacob Fatu.   So this match was a bit of MLW vs. NXT, but if you're familiar with either of these wrestlers (and you should be) Daniel Garcia has more of a MMA style of fighting while Jordan Oliver could be considered more of a high flyer.

I shouldn't be surprised by anything Jordan Oliver does- he's so versatile- but he did spend a decent amount of time during this match on the ground and even put some of his own submission holds onto Daniel Garcia, which I enjoyed seeing.   To me, Jordan Oliver is just one of those wrestlers right now who has it and go in the ring with any style to back that up and I just don't think he's talked about enough.  I realize he does GCW and gets props there, but overall I just think he's so highly underrated still.

Kevin Blackwood is someone you might have seen on AEW recently but not me because I don't watch AEW.  TJ Crawford is someone I've seen wrestle locally and he has this gimmick where he's from the Windy City and he likes to use the "wind" emoji a lot but the thing is that emoji also means "fart" so I like to call TJ Crawford the Fartbreak Kid.  (True Story Side Note: I worked at Dunkin Donuts for about a month once and one of the big managers used the car and "wind" emoji to show how fast the drive-thru was going that day.  I commented that the emoji also meant "fart" and I should have just farted because that's about how well my observation went over)

Flatulence aside, TJ Crawford can go in the ring and I think this win over Kevin Blackwood here can be considered somewhat of an upset.  After this match there was a vignette where Daniel Garcia set up a match with MV Young for the next VxS show, which is coming up on 2/21 (more on that later).   I like how they used this time in between matches for the vignettes and I really think it's something we should see more of during deathmatch shows while the clean up the ring, but I do also realize that you can't just edit a 45 second promo and then hope that's how long it takes to sweep all of the glass out of the ring.

I'm not sure if I've seen Treehouse Lee wrestle or not before but I know him by name.  This was my first time seeing Sebastian Cage though.   These two had a good match that now can make me say that I've seen Treehouse Lee wrestle before for sure.   I'm also only familiar with Ken Broadway in name only, but his whole thing about "If it doesn't make dollars then it doesn't make sense" is really catchy.   Ken Broadway lost to Jimmy Lloyd in a deathmatch but he seemed to hold his own.   Perhaps Ken Broadway needs to pay a visit to ICW NHB.  Also, it was nice to see Jimmy Lloyd get a win.

After the match, Jimmy Lloyd talked about being undefeated which brought out Jordan Oliver and set up a match between the two.   The main event featured Tony Deppen picking up a win over 2 Cold Scorpio.    One of my favorite things about 2 Cold Scorpio is that there was this crossover between WWE and ECW at one point where Sabu had a match on RAW and they put him in against Flash Funk, which to most people was an ECW vs. WWE match but for me, I was like "No! They know each other from ECW!! That's why they're working together!!"  

And I feel like 2 Cold Scorpio dropped out of the spotlight for a bit.  You just didn't really hear about him any more.   Then I heard about this match that he had up in Canada in early 2020 versus Lufisto.   I watched that and had been trying to follow all of his matches since, including seeing him live and in person at Weekend At Sean's House Night 2 last February.   The thing about 2 Cold Scorpio is that he can still go in the ring.  How he isn't in a major promotion I do not know, but I'm just happy we can still watch his matches now and don't have to trade VHS tapes to see them.

"In Too Deep" is the only Violence x Suffering show on IWTV right now.  I've seen that "Stay High" will be on IWTV live on 2/21 (mostly because I follow MV Young on Twitter and IG) and I'll definitely be checking that show out.  If any of the past shows find their way to IWTV I'll watch them as well.   VxS is a promotion to be on the lookout for because they have the talent and they're delivering the quality.  


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