Wrestling Review //
High Tension Wrestling
"Camp Leapfrog"

During the summer- August 16th to be exact- a group of talented wrestlers got together to create this show and I didn't know if it was going to be a one time only thing or what, but since Camp Leapfrog continues to run shows I finally decided to get on board and watch them.   This was... at first I wanted to say that this was an odd show, but really it was just different.   I'm not sure a wrestling show has ever been presented as a campground before but I've recently been watching "Heavyweights" and "Camp Nowhere" on Disney+ so this just fits right in.

The story begins with Brad Rush introducing us to his camp but then a car pulls up and Ethan Wilde won the camp in a poker game so they have to do something to keep it and... I don't know.   Sometimes every episode of "Salute Your Shorts" didn't make sense, but they were still funny.   In the first match, Desean Pratt (fka Amasis) defeated Devantes (who was dressed like Ahmed Johnson) after the two were making friendship bracelets and got into a fight about them so they took it to the ring.  

This same sort of idea took place later on as Joshua Wavra, Xavier Faraday and Vita VonStarr went from fighting Matt Makowski, Molly McCoy and Travis Huckabee on the basketball court to inside the ring.   Between those two matches though we saw Cajun Crawdad defeat Hermit Crab and Ron Voyage (the breakout star here) and Trajan Horn defeat The Runway.   Cajun Crawdad and Hermit Crab had a bullrope, which added another level to their match and made it rather fun as they'd get caught up in the posts because of it.

As a small group of wrestlers was gathered around a campfire, someone simply named Violence came out of nowhere and attacked Killian McMurphy.   This lead to a match in the woods and, in all fairness, it was quite dark so some of it was tough to see and experience fully (like "The Blair Witch Project"!) but it was an "Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Falls Count Anywhere Match", proving that I'm not the only one getting in those pop culture references.

In a Five Round Food Fight, Still Life With Apricots And Pears defeated Cheeseburger.  Two funny things about this: I always, always, always think in my head of the name as being pronounced "Still Life With App-ricots", as it would be like how you say "app" but it's always said by everyone else like "ape" or "ape-ricots".   Also, Still Life had Kevin with her and it took me all of thirty seconds to think "What's the name of Effy's dog?  Oh, right.  Cranberry!"   The knowledge I have at the front of my brain scares even me sometimes.

Quentin was watching parts of this show with me and he enjoyed that this match was called a food fight.   At one point, Cheeseburger ran a really far way from the ring and I told Quentin "Look at him go!  Where is he going?"  Cheeseburger came running back with a full head of steam but it didn't pay off as Still Life got him.   Quentin did enjoy that spot, as did I.

There was also a Swimming Pool Battle Royal where I believe everyone was standing around the pool and once you got thrown into the pool you were out of the match.   This was an unique approach to wrestling and Ronda The Lunchlady (@NotSoRousey) picked up the victory.   Brad Rush defeated Ethan Wilde in the main event and I suppose that was for control of the camp and so instead of the Evil Tony Perkins coming to take over we got... I guess Pat to stay in charge.  (True story: I saw someone wrestle once- and only once- with a Tony Perkins type gimmick.  I wonder what happened to him)

So the funny thing about this show was that at first, I kind of thought "This is an odd concept, being at camp" but then it just works.  It might seem on paper or if you haven't watched it a little confusing, like why, but when you see the show it just all comes together nicely and is a lovely piece of art.   You have to see it to understand it, but it is well worth seeing.  


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