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ICW No Holds Barred
Pitfighter X3


Pitfighter X3 is the last ICW No Holds Barred show in New Jersey for 2020 as after this they moved down to warmer weather in Florida.   For some reason when I pressed play on this video it showed me that MTV opening of IWTV three times in a row, then there was some dead air on a black screen, and then another count down like MTV.   This show didn't actually start for me until about two minutes into the video but whatever. 

The opening contest brings back Neil Diamond Cutter who has been seen recently and newly vs. Dale Patricks who hasn't been seen as recently but still feels a little bit new.   Dale Patricks somehow got a shopping cart into the cage and I'm not sure how that happened.  I feel like Neil Diamond Cutter took the most of the damage during this fight- including a piledriver onto said shopping cart- but then after some staples to the butt he powerbombed Dale Patricks for the win.  

Satu Jinn- who I've seen outside of ICW NHB- made his debut here, coming out to "Sugar" by System of a Down.   He faced Casanova Valentine and Cas finally got a win by hitting Satu Jinn with a barbed wire boxing glove flurry.   The third match saw the pit debut of Daniel Garcia (who is amazing) taking on the returning Justin Kyle.   I don't know what Daniel Garcia has been up to lately but I've heard he had a squash match on NXT, though Hulu didn't show me on the replay.  This wasn't really a death match fight with weapons but rather with strikes and kicks.  

Commentary said this match was like the early days of UFC and I must agree with that.  It was just two guys beating each other up but without the use of tables, chairs, barbed wire, etc.  Justin Kyle slammed Daniel Garcia into the side of the cage and got a ref stoppage decision.   Who can stop Justin Kyle?    This guy is a monster.   Speaking of monsters, Nolan Edward had an open challenge and it was answered by none other than Dan Maff.   Last time we saw Dan Maff in ICW NHB was at Volume 1 and that was to be his send of to ROH, which didn't work out because ROH is such a shit show (and for 2020 it had probably its worst year ever)

Dan Maff threw Nolan Edward up and out of the cage and then later on asked if he should and also threw Edward out of a window!  This was wild and Danny Demanto put this over as his favorite fight since Dan Maff vs. Mance Warner at Volume 1.  This was pretty brutal and every time you thought Nolan Edward would stay down, he got back up somehow so this was a truly great fight to watch.

During an intermission we saw the Cheerful Wrestling Show, which I feel like I've seen this exact same clip before during a different show's intermission.   Whatever happened to Kobe Durst??  

When Jeff Cannonball attempted a Short Soda Review before his match with Tony Deppen, Deppen grabbed the soda from him and told him Schwepp's ginger ale sucks.   Jeff Cannonball got in a Short Soda Review later on in the match and called Code Red the best Mountain Dew but as someone who grew up drinking cherry cough syrup I must disagree because Code Red just reminds me of medicine (and not in a good way)

Eric Ryan and Reed Bentley continued the 44OH-Rejects feud.  After a Regalplex through a barbed wire door, the ref calls it and Reed Bentley remains undefeated.   Larry Legend says this is the first loss for Eric Ryan (though commentary says second) and the fact that they keep track of these things and make mention of them is pretty rad.   Commentary also mentions a four-on-four match for The Rejects vs. 44OH in Indianapolis and I searched Cage Match dotnet but couldn't find it so apparently it has not happened yet.

AKIRA was set to face Eddy Only but apparently Eddy Only was drunk so Atticus Cogar came out instead.  Commentary compared Cogar to Steve Corino and if that's the case then AKIRA is Tajiri.   These two went off the top of the cage and onto a guardrail to end the match.  I thought AKIRA's head hit the metal and he was dead.    Cogar tried to finish AKIRA off after the match but was met by a returning G-Raver, who then also had a stare down with AKIRA.

There was another Cheerful Wrestling Show clip here and I understand they need to take time out to clean the ring but on the replay couldn't someone edit this out?  In the main event, John Wayne Murdoch and SHLAK went to a no contest when Eric Ryan and Atticus Cogar came out and beat down both men.  The Rejects made the save and then RSP appeared up near commentary.  RSP said he was coming for JWM, but first he has unfinished business with SHLAK.   So it does seem like if there is a four-on-four match, as I called for in a previous review, we might see SHLAK teaming with The Rejects instead of Nick Gage and I would also like to see that.  


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