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"We Are Getters"
 is out June 24th 
and can be streamed/pre-saved 
by clicking here.

Somewhere between the old style of guitar based rock n roll and the newer pop style of rock n roll is where you'll find GETTERS.   The song "Row" is not quite as pop as something you might hear on the radio such as Neon Trees or AJR (AJR has that one song- "Bang"- which I do enjoy) but they're also not as down and dirty as a gritty rock n roll band like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.   The sound falls somewhere in between- perhaps too pop for rock die hards and not pop enough for radio, but the song is easy on the ears so I don't feel like it will be an issue with people not wanting to hear it.   Even though it isn't quite as pop as other artists on the radio, this song still could break through mainstream radio.

Music tends to have a pattern where you can recognize the chorus from the verse, if the song is structured in such a way, and during "Row" I know that there are verses and a chorus but somehow this whole song just feels like a constant buzz to me.   The music can change to switch from verse to chorus, as most songs do, but it just feels like there is this constant sound which goes with it which adds another level to the overall song.   It just feels like once you press play the music keeps going until the song is over.   There are no stops along the way, no pauses, and I don't know when the last time I heard a song do that but also this is at a moderate tempo where as you tend to think of songs without stopping as going much faster.

The music video for "Row" is one which I've watched several times and it truly reminds me of something I would have watched on MTV in my youth.   There is a distinct story which plays out like a short film.   I feel like music videos can work on three different levels and this is the one where the song feels like a soundtrack because what you see in the music video itself is bringing as much to the table as the song.   It might be because of the wardrobe choices, but this music video reminds me of a film by Quentin Tarantino, such as "Reservoir Dogs" or "Pulp Fiction".    The first time through I was also left slightly confused (in a good way) so that I had to re-watch it to try and make sense of the events and how they unfolded exactly.

I tend to enjoy music videos whenever there is any effort put into them but when they are like little movies- such as GETTERS has done here- I just seem to like them even more.  This is a visual you should definitely embrace and on top of that "Row" is just a song which will get stuck in your head, yet it isn't really pop and has more of what I want to call a buzz rock sound to it.   From the Beastie Boys to Soundgarden, this is one of those music videos that people who truly appreciate music videos will not want to miss.   Fans of rock music should also have this song in their ears and I just feel like everyone will enjoy this sound.  


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