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Naked Gypsy Queens

While I tend to find that the visual aspect of music can be something to enhance the audio, I've always felt strange about just watching live videos if the song is not also being performed live.  And there have been music videos where the band just gets together in a solid white room and plays their song, which is also something that can be compared with being a live video vs a music video.  However, in the year of 2021 (and after what the year 2020 brought us) even if this live performance by Naked Gypsy Queens isn't with live audio, it still makes me remember a time when we could experience live music- a luxury we cannot currently afford.

The sound of Naked Gypsy Queens can best be described as rock.  I know that simply calling something "rock" can take you down a million subgenres, not all of them the same and so it might need some clarification.  But back in the day when rock music really began to take over, I feel like a lot of it is like The Who in the sense that the band name also has to look good on a t-shirt.  Trust me, if you're wearing a t-shirt or see the name Naked Gypsy Queens on a flyer for a show, you're going to stop and take notice.  And that, even without hearing the music, is the power of rock.

If you're going to find artists to compare Naked Gypsy Queens with there aren't a lot but the few I can put together are mighty.  There is this almost southern like feeling to these power chords which start and stop through distortion.  At one point in the song, it just opens up and really takes off and I like when songs do that because it just feels so primal.  Much of the starting and stopping of the music can be seen as restrictive, but once they get going fast it's like they just let loose- like a dam breaking.   Musically, you could think of this as sounding like Jet or even The White Stripes, but not too many other artists compare.

In a world where it seems like music has become so processed, it's nice to feel it in an organic way and not in a way which feels acoustic either.   I think at some point in time, rock music lost its way and it became stale.   Too many artists used computers to create their rock sound and seemingly didn't know how to play instruments anymore.   I don't know- maybe they knew how to play them too well.  But now, for the past two years, I've really been searching for just organic rock music, knowing it was still out there and just trying to help the world find it as well.  And I really do believe that sooner than later the world is going to find Naked Gypsy Queens. 


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