Cassette Review //
Center For Whatever
(Huvudbry Recordings)


$8 //
Edition of 50 //

Very quietly, minimally, beeps and sounds like Morse Code come through to open up this cassette.   They begin to just pierce through sharply now, almost like an alarm.  As this slight scratching expands in the background the feeling of urgency grows with this robotic language of music.   Someone is speaking now but it is muffled.   I can't quite make it out, but it sounds human and at first is like how voices get lost in translation through a fast food drive-thru.   The voice becomes higher pitched as a flurry of percussion takes over.    This is the story, right now, of a song which started so small, like one quiet note, and now has just blossomed into something so much larger.  

A ringing comes through, as the speaking begins to sound more like adults in "Peanuts", and it makes me feel like we're about to enter a martial arts film.   It's an electric synth and the growling of a hollow monster.   For some reason, I am reminded of both the movie "Willow" and dragons.   A banging somehow brings in a different type of ringing now and then the darkness consumes it all.   Cymbals crash and this is a slow march to death.    The vocals return through the percussion and now it just sounds all psychedelic, baby.  I can see the color swirls.   This is my Woodstock.  

Trill like a guitar quietly brings in the soft drone of a flute.   This feels like the calm before the storm of a kung fu film.   The guitar plays through some sweet notes and this one just finds a happy groove.   You can feel these notes- they're pretty sharp and they cut like a knife- but there is also a melody within them which can make it feel like we're just smooth sailing.    The way this strums yet can feel so delicately plucked creates two unique sounds and they somehow blend together.  It all flows into what just feels like a tropical island sound now.   The way it twists now feels like a psych free-for-all.   We drone our way to the end with some minimal drumming following along.

On the flip side we open up with some deep synths which can sound like the horns on a boat.   They're a bit wavy too, so I feel like we're just floating out at sea right now.    Notes slowly come in to the point where those church organs just take everything over and now we're on a different trip.   The keys get a bit wild and it feels like we've gone from floating in the ocean to just soaring through the sky.     The drums slowly begin to accompany the droning.    This whole song has just picked up and began going somewhere fast.   Whirrs come through like frequencies and this song is just driving now.   We've gone from the sea to sky to land.    The frequencies are all over the place now and this has just become so chaotic.

A loud crash and the next song is off and running.    The slides go up and down as this is just a free jazz sounding piece of percussion mayhem.   The guitars come in now with the start and stop chords which for some reason now this section of the song reminds me of Primus.   Individual notes now, like that seriousness of a song like the Doogie Howser theme.   It just feels very urgent yet each note stings.

Through a little bit of a calm strumming come some more notes which hit a little bit sharper.   The notes bend now in ways which can just make you feel like everything around you is also bending.   The percussion carries on while the rest of the music is just getting trippy.    The drumming takes us to an end.   We begin into this series of beeps now with what sound like foot stomps as well.   This is done in such a rhythm that more notes begin to expand to where it feels like we are in a dream.   We slide up and down now.   This one feels like we're turning the knobs within our minds.   As we come to an end, it feels as if those parts of our minds have simply been shut off.  


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