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ICW No Holds Barred
Pitfighter X4


As the last ICW NHB Pitfighter show saw them leave New Jersey for warmer weather, this is the first show where ICW NHB comes to Florida.   It's something that maybe I don't put enough emphasis on, but it somewhat crazy to me that some of these wrestlers do the shows on Friday night in the pit and then get back in the chains on Saturday night as well.   Some of these guys- like Alex Ocean during this show- I feel like if I was in the Friday night match I wouldn't fight again for six months let alone the next night.   It's pretty crazy but I love and appreciate what these guys put their bodies through for sick fucks like me.

Pitfighter X4 opened with Eric Ryan stomping Jimmy Lloyd to victory and I know that a few shows ago Jimmy Lloyd had this moment where he felt like he let himself down and he needed to do better, but honestly, I just feel like every time I see Jimmy Lloyd in ICW NHB he loses.  Eric Ryan is definitely not to be taken lightly and this was quite the violent way to start the show.   Eddy Only didn't do as well for 44OH as he tapped out to Dominic Garrini and, yes, I still want to see Violence Is Forever in ICW NHB (Kevin Ku, where are you?) but Dom is just tearing it up and the big match I want to see now is Dom vs. Justin Kyle.

Justin Kyle comes out for the next match against Bruce Santee.  Even commentary mentions that Santee is wearing jeans like he got pulled off of the street but he's a tough dude and goes toe to toe with Justin Kyle.  This fight had punches in bunches and it was pretty close to those bar fights from the "No Holds Barred" movie, which in some ways is all I ever wanted to see in wrestling.   This took us into intermission which, thankfully, was edited out of this show.

AKIRA and Nolan Edward had one of those crazy matches where you think of AKIRA as being this up and comer because it was only earlier in the year 2020 that AKIRA had these break out moments.  So, in some ways, people look at AKIRA as someone who is young and on his way to the top.   But then you have Nolan Edward, who is also young, and he wants to go to the top as well.   So it was fun seeing these two have the bar fight on top of the cage.   AKIRA choked out Nolan Edward and this was a match that just made me even more of a fan of both competitors.

Reed Bentley and Atticus Cogar kept The Rejects-44OH feud alive.   As commentary reminded me, these two also fought at Volume 6, though this time they are in the cage instead of the chains.  G-Raver attacked Cogar post match and there are a lot of interviews after the matches promoting tomorrow night's show and that just is a nice touch I didn't really pay as much attention to up to now as I probably should have been.

In the co-main event, Alex Ocean has new music and he gets booed.   At one point, both of these guys- Alex Ocean and John Wayne Murdoch- had blood all over their faces and backs.   It was just so much blood.   John Wayne Murdoch was bleeding badly from the arm, so he took his shirt and wrapped it around his arm and then had the ref help him use duct tape to secure it.  I'm not sure what the discretion of the ref allows, but if he can stop a fight because someone isn't protecting themselves while getting punched in the face, it seems like he could have (and maybe should) stopped this fight and said JWM needed medical attention.

After this match, Orin Veidt came out and said that tomorrow night, he and JWM are going to make history in the Iron Man Deathmatch.   Some guy in the crowd yelled "Let's make history right now ring the fucking bell!"  It's kind of crazy to think about how much damage John Wayne Murdoch took in this match and then has to face Orin Veidt- who didn't fight on this show- tomorrow night for an hour.

The main event saw SHLAK try to kill Neil Diamond Cutter and I suppose if you're one of the newer participants coming into ICW NHB you might as well get in there with SHLAK right away, just to see if you're going to stick around or not.   This was a fun way to end the show and rather than thinking about this in itself I spent a lot of time thinking about what some of these guys went through tonight and then have to go and fight again tomorrow.   We're also into November of 2020 now, so the year is almost over and it's been so much fun watching all of these back because everyone just really leaves it all out there.


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