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One thing about me a lot of people may not know is that I spend about an hour after I get into bed at night looking through Instagram.  I see videos of comedy and photos of action figures, but I also go down this hole sometimes where I end up finding Simpsons memes in Spanish and that's when I know it's time to sleep.  I first found out about this show because it was a post I saw on Instagram.   The style of the poster caught my attention and I was familiar with enough of the names that when I saw this only $14.99 on FITE TV, I pulled the trigger and ordered it.

"Inception" opened with the music of Wrecking Ball Legursky playing, quickly stopping, the ring announcer welcomed us to the show and then the music started back up again.  Wrecking Ball Legursky made Michael Elgin look small in this match (which is not easy to do) and this was the big boy fight we were all hoping it would be.  At one point, Elgin was behind Legursky trying to suplex him and Elgin got hit by this elbow you could just feel at home.   I've had Wrecking Ball fighting literally inches away from me in person and when he hits his opponent the sound is just something that stays with you forever.

There were two times in the opening contest where Michael Elgin was able to sort of lift Wrecking Ball Legursky but both of them were because of help from the top rope.  I truly believe if there was some kind of rematch without the use of ropes (Though I'm not sure what that would be exactly) Wrecking Ball would have won this one.   The crowd was really behind Wrecking Ball Legursky as well, chanting "Wrecking Ball" and "Smash".  With his size, look (he's got a Bam Bam Bigelow kind of thing going on) and just everything about him I'm not sure why Wrecking Ball Legursky isn't tearing it up on national television.  He seems like the type of talent WWE would push to the moon and back.

Following this match, Michael Elgin was confronted by a masked man who turned out to be Jacob Fatu.   This was after only the first match, but it was my first holy shit moment of the night.  I didn't expect to see Jacob Fatu on this show, but as I think about it there are several MLW wrestlers on here so it does make some sort of sense.  For my money, Jacob Fatu is one of the best World Champions in all of pro wrestling today and I think that should go without saying he's a better champion than anyone in the 'E.  For the first time in about a year I had that moment of "I need to see this match live" as Jacob Fatu and Michael Elgin booked a future fight.

In a surprise of a match Masha Slamovich defeated Hyan.   Masha Slamovich came out and cut a promo saying she wished she was in Japan but instead was in "who the fuck knows where New Jersey"   That is also how all of NJ feels to me.  These two women had a great match and the only bad thing about it was my FITE TV app glitching but I got it worked out eventually.   This took us into Richard Holliday vs. Tyson Maddox.   Of course I've seen CT's own Richard Holliday in both MLW and Beyond Wrestling, but I've not heard of Tyson Maddox before.   It was a nice showing for Maddox but I was really looking forward to seeing Jake Crist here because he's supposed to be on this whole new path since leaving Impact Wrestling.

Often times I wonder how things translate from area to area and by that I even just mean with the east coast vs the rest of the world.  Vicious Vicki and Gabby Ortiz are two names which I know well, but I do wonder if they're centrally located to NJ and if you were in California or even middle America perhaps you might not know them.  Either way, this was such a great match that I know it's only a matter of time before you can see both of them everywhere and know their names.  

In a triple threat match, Ricky Reyes picked up the win over Smiley and Gio Galvano.  I've never heard of Gio Galvano before and I've only ever heard of Smiley by name (he's been on shows with other wrestlers I know but I don't believe I've ever seen a match of his before)  This was a good match but it was limited by being a triple threat.  Ricky Reyes is a veteran of professional wrestling though, so it's always fun to see him inside of a ring.

Originally, Deonna Purrazzo was scheduled to face Shaul Guerrero on this show but it ended up being Purrazzo vs. Trish Adora.   I couldn't be more excited to see this match with Trish Adora in it and Trish Adora only lost because she was robbed by outside interference by Kimber Lee.   After Kimber Lee broke up what should have been a pin by Trish Adora, Deonna Purrazzo picked up Adora and looked like she was going for a move but couldn't get Adora up all the way so it just landed so awkwardly.   Purrazzo got the armbar on instead for the tap out.  

The main event was supposed to be Alexander Hammerstone vs. Joe Doering but Austin Aries came in to replace Doering.  I wanted to see Doering since he recently joined Impact but it is also nice to see Hammerstone try and smash some sense into Aries.  The bad thing about this match change was that this was to crown the first GSW Champion and I don't think if the plan was for Joe Doering to win the belt they would have put it on Austin Aries instead, so you kind of knew Hammerstone was winning this one.   And he did.

It surprised me a little bit that there were some chants for Austin Aries.   Commentary handled it well, saying he has some differing opinions in real life but still can get it done and is an accomplished wrestler in the ring.   They also said this was Austin Aries' first match in about a year so that's kind of crazy.   These two did what you would hope to see and I think it's kind of weird the crowd got behind Aries a little bit but this was still one of those matches where both men left it all in that ring.

Post match, Chris Dickinson came out to challenge Alexander Hammerstone and I believe that Dickinson said their next show is May 22nd, which if true might mean my return to seeing pro wrestling live.   There are also apparently episodes of GSW coming to YouTube, which I will be on the lookout for now.  

Though there were three match changes going into this show, you have to understand that a) We are in a pandemic and b) Weather is absolutely nuts right now.   We are literally coming off of a week when there was a major snowstorm going through Texas.   And I know it differs from state to state in terms of me being in CT vs. NJ vs. PA and such, but we go from snow to sunshine to rain and back to snow again.  It's crazy right now, the way the weather is.   So all match changes must be forgiven.  

I also spent a decent amount of time during this show thinking about how much I enjoyed the commentary.   I tried but I can't come up with an exact number of percentage, but commentary can often times make or break a show.   So to hear the commentary to the extent that they were putting over the talent and not themselves, knew the moves and also just gave you backgrounds on the wrestlers so if you didn't know them you could feel like you did.  

I'm going to stay up to date with GSW on YouTube and if their next show really is May 22 in New Jersey then I might just have to make the trip.   If you're not from the east coast, then go to FITE TV and buy this show for $14.99 and watch it.   This show was just the best combination of wrestlers I knew, wrestlers you should know and wrestlers you may not know but you will know.   And that was all just perfectly displayed within the ring.  


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