Music Review //
King Soloman
"Hands Of Time"

As soon as this music video starts you can tell it's going to be the type of hip hop which goes hard.   The first part and most of the video takes place by the ocean and within trees near the water.   For me, music videos have always been this way of telling a story- to put a visual with your audio- and in this case there isn't really a story going on because there aren't others in the video and no plot is really being drawn out.  However, I think this does put the focus on King Soloman and the words he is saying.   Not everyone can pull off this sort of thing- that is to say not every artist should have this much focus on them- but King Soloman seems to be a natural at it.

Musically this song reminds me of something along the lines of Uncommon Nasa.  It has the beats which go hard but it also feels upbeat and light at times.   There is this acoustic guitar riff which goes through (you can see it being played in the video) and this just makes the song feel lighter in some way, but all of the artists in which I think could make hip hop feel lighter like this just don't seem to compare with what King Soloman is doing.  (I'm thinking Sublime but it's not the same delivery.  Maybe if Sublime made a more hip hop based album)

While I enjoy the verses of this song the chorus also has the idea of sitting back and relaxing while drama unfolds and I think a lot of us can either relate to that or should relate to that.   Watching the hands of time- as this song describes- feels like an important message because we only have so much time in this life and if you're going to get involved in drama (as this song puts it) then you're going to end up feeling like you've wasted a lot of time.  Sitting back and relaxing, writing rhymes or just anything creative you can do is better than spending your time getting involved in the drama and I think that- lyrically- that's what this song is about.

By the end of this video, King Soloman is seen in the city and at the end he admits that the cops are coming so it has this real effect to it which is nice.  It makes it feel more personal and can help you feel perhaps like you're friends with King Soloman because he's talking to you.   I don't know if I'd call the music "nice" but there is some sort of aspect of this hip hop which makes it feel like it's more about connecting than other genres of music.   I'm not sure what genre this hip hop should specifically go into but the fact that it feels like one which is so shared between the artist and listener just makes it essential listening in my book.  


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