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ICW No Holds Barred
Volume 8

ICW No Holds Barred Volume 8 was supposed to be the show where two men made history in a sixty minute Iron Man Deathmatch but it ended up being best known for something else.   Following the events of one of the matches and one Alex Ocean the wrestling world was all the buzz about Alex Ocean saying "Fuck Eddie Guerrero".   I feel like I could write 5000 words about why Alex Ocean shouldn't have said that, but you know it's easier just to say that I no longer respect Alex Ocean, I won't ever buy merch for Alex Ocean and I don't watch wrestling to see Alex Ocean get beat up-- I just don't want to ever see Alex Ocean again.  Simple as that.  I realize Alex Ocean apologized afterwards and said he meant to say something else but slipped up and that just seems too convenient- it's not going to cut it for me.

This show began with the legendary Meng battling SHLAK to a no contest because when both men were just battling through the chairs and the ref couldn't seem to gain control, it wasn't allowed to go on.   I have to admit that this was kind of a bullshit call.  The whole thing about ICW NHB is that there are no rules, so if the ref says "Get back into the ring" and you don't, it seems pretty lame to get disqualified for that, right?  Just let them fight.  They'll work it out to a pin or submission eventually.   You have to trust the process, referee.

Eric Ryan got another win and this time it was over Deathmatch Dom.   Both of these guys fought and won last night so it was interesting to see them against each other tonight.   I wonder if they were in the cage maybe things would have favored Dom.  I'm not sure, but with Eric Ryan just stomping everyone to victory I don't know who can beat him at this point.    Reed Bentley scored a win over Jimmy Lloyd where all the chairs were thrown into the ring.   What can you say about another Jimmy Lloyd loss?  During this match, I began to realize that Reed Bentley is like the middle child of The Rejects and that makes me like him a little bit more (I, myself, am a middle child)

As someone who has subscribed to IWTV for something like a year and a half, I must admit that I would rather see the staff of ICW NHB sweep the ring and clean it up in between matches than whatever little IWTV clip show they sometimes feel like inserting for whatever reason.   Atticus Cogar defeated Neil Diamond Cutter in the next match by putting him through a plate of glass.  You know, even in defeat, NDC is doing some great things inside of the chains and cage of ICW NHB and I've been typing about wins and losses of certain wrestlers but I feel like it matters a little bit less for Neil Diamond Cutter- because even in defeat, you're still glad you saw him.

While I've seen G-Raver before, this was my first time seeing him in a match in ICW NHB as he took on Eddy Only.  If your plan is to return to the ring for a promotion and you have the fans on your side, it probably is best to take on someone such as Eddy Only because fans just want to see him get destroyed and this also helps G-Raver get closer to Atticus Cogar.  Could we have that Rejects-44OH match one day with G-Raver teaming up with The Rejects?

The second to last match saw Alex Ocean defeat AKIRA when Riley Madison came out and helped Alex Ocean do so.   We all pretty much know what happened during this match- and had Alex Ocean not said what he did, I would have really respected him for nearly dying the night before and still battling for so long against AKIRA.   But my question now is if you hear Alex Ocean say "Fuck Eddie Guerrero" and then come out and help him, does that mean you also hate Eddie Guerrero?  That's what I'm taking from this so fuck Alex Ocean and fuck Riley Madison.   There was already enough heel heat going on... this didn't need to happen, but unfortunately, it's one of those things that once said you can't take it back.   I hope I never see Alex Ocean or Riley Madison ever again.

The main event sixty minute Iron Man Deathmatch basically has Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart Iron Man match rules, which are explained beforehand.  This is where it also gets tricky, such as it did with the first match between SHLAK and Meng, because there aren't supposed to be any rules but then the ref explains about the rest periods after a fall occurs and so, yeah, there are some rules.   

I'm not sure why Orin Veidt hates The Struggles but it's funny.  If you ever look at Cage Match, you'll see how matches like the one between JWM and Alex Ocean from last night were just so bloody and so violent yet somehow were less than ten minutes long.   And I think about all of the times that a match stopped because of the ref deciding one of the competitors could no longer go on.   I think even fifteen to twenty minutes is a long time to be in a death match, so to be in there for an hour is just incredible.   

These two tore the house down and I mean that literally as they ripped the chains down from the ring.   As they were tied when the hour expired, the fans chanted "One more hour" but JWM decided they would go to sudden death- next fall wins it all.  Has an Iron Man match ever gone just the full hour?  It seems like they're always tied after the hour is up.    But how do you not just say "You know what, we'll pick this up again at a later date"?  To keep going just shows that John Wayne Murdoch and Orin Veidt are two of the best in the world at what they do.   After a Deep South Destroyer through fire gave JWM the win, I'm willing to say that John Wayne Murdoch is the best active deathmatch wrestler.  


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