Friday, February 5, 2021

Wrestling Review //
ICW No Holds Barred
Pitfighter X

I'm not really sure what the difference is between the Pitfighter and the show which was just called "PIT" in terms of how the cage is structured around the fighters but there is no ring and the rules are that in the cage you just fight.   I like this concept because it makes me think a lot about the movie "No Holds Barred".   There are two types of people who watched "No Holds Barred".  Either you were the type that saw Zeus and Hulk Hogan fight that brutal match at the end and that made you love professional wrestling or you were the type that saw all the toughmen fight in the bar and that made you a fan of fighting.   Personally, I always tended to favor the fighting aspect of it.

This could be as close as we get to that sort of toughman competition within the modern world.   Eric Ryan and Orin Veidt kicked things off and it was good to see Orin Veidt in ICW NHB.   The second match saw Dominic Garrini defeat Jimmy Lloyd and let's just talk about how Dom is built for this type of thing.   Alex Ocean and Danny Demanto battled to a no contest because neither of them could continue after this huge dive by Demanto.   That was a match which didn't stay inside the cage for too long either, so it was kind of funny how they had the cage set up but so many wrestlers escaped it.

Reed Bentley defeated Eddy Only while Atticus Cogar scored a tough win over AKIRA.   This just goes to show how ICW NHB has this sort of storytelling going on with The Rejects vs. Ohio.   John Wayne Murdoch beat Casanova Valentine in the main event and man I'm just waiting for Cas to get a win.   He really is one of the toughest guys in there and every time he goes out he puts on one of those "almost-dying" shows.   It's crazy but fans of death match wrestling should just watch the shows he's on because you know they'll deliver.

As I type this, ICW NHB has announced that they are doing a Pitfighter X6, which means they're up to their sixth one of these types of shows (so there are four more left for me to watch on IWTV) and though I follow along on social media I tend to not always have every card memorized going into it, so it will be nice to see who faces who inside this cage.   There are a lot of possibilities and dream matches, really.  Somehow, if the size of the cage could double it'd be nice to see The Rejects vs. 44OH in a sort of War Games match (though for legal reasons it couldn't be called that, but imagine a no ring version of War Games!)

Aside from that idea you just have one on one matches that could be great inside of the cage.  Dominic Garrini vs. anyone would be worth watching.  Getting some of the MMA style guys in there against the death match style guys would be cool, just to see who would survive.   Daniel Garcia would do well inside the cage I think.  To get Tom Lawlor in somehow would also be fun.   Give me Tom Lawlor vs. SHALK in the cage and I'd be happy.   But even just seeing the steady roster members of ICW NHB fight without the special attraction wrestlers who come in on occasion is fine by me because ICW NHB has one of the best rosters of any company out there today.  

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