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ICW No Holds Barred
Volume 7 - Deathmatch Horror Story

To think that at the beginning of 2020 we were at Volume 1 and now we've made it all the way to Volume 7 is quite the accomplishment, especially during the pandemic.   This show opened up with two of the new faces from last night- Brett Ison and Nolan Edward.  Oddly enough the second match also saw the return of Neil Diamond Cutter taking on Drexl, who I'm seeing for the first time in ICW NHB but have seen before in that promotion that did Orange Cassidy vs. Su Yung.  As Brett Ison and NDC both won these matches it makes me really want to see them versus each other down the road.

If you've ever wondered how Brandon Kirk could possibly become more annoying than he already is (and I'm sure no one ever wondered that) it happened during Volume 7 as he was accompanied to the ring by his wife, Kasey Catal.    Brandon Kirk took on Jeff Cannonball, who did a Short Soda Review mid-match and if you haven't been watching the videos on Twitter you're really missing out.  This match was won by Brandon Kirk which unfortunately means that the key to him winning is having his wife with him and I don't want to see either of these two ever again.

I'm not sure how you find out your wrestling knowledge, but I like to go to Cage Match (dotnet) for results and often times I use them as a guide for matches the way I use Bandcamp to guide me through song titles when I review a cassette of music.  I might be going crazy (maybe we all are) but I definitely feel like the fourth match was John Wayne Murdoch vs. Homicide even though both Cage Match and the IWTV app have it listed in the fifth spot.  There is also a three way match with Orin Veidt, Alex Ocean and Eric Ryan and they ended up switched with the JWM-Homicide match in order while actually watching as opposed to what all the text says in various, reliable sources.

Watching John Wayne Murdoch fight Homicide was a thing of beauty.   This was to be one of Homicide's final matches though even he said afterwards it wasn't goodbye so just long for now.  So Homicide might pop back up again inside the ring just not for a while.   To show you how cold it was in New Jersey in October, there was steam coming off of Homicide as he gave his farewell speech.  Though, in fairness, the weather during the fall was hit or miss.  We did have some sunny days where the temperature hit the 60s during early November.

Intermission happened before the three way dance and this time it was edited out- no Hallowicked Arcade show.  I wonder how IWTV decides whether or not to put something such as that into the intermission spot or just edit it out completely.  Editing it out completely makes the show shorter and, well, you skip right to the action you want to see as opposed to having to take intermission when you're not watching it live.   Also, Larry Legend announced they had found a cell phone and I wonder if the owner ever got it back.  

Orin Veidt gets a win over both Alex Ocean and Eric Ryan which was nice to see.  Orin Veidt and Brett Ison (who should also versus each other) are two of the guys I really want to see stick around in ICW NHB.   The second to last match saw AKIRA defeat Alex Colon and this was a huge win for AKIRA as Alex Colon is one of the biggest death match stars currently wrestling.   This was definitely an upset victory even though AKIRA does have a win over Matt Tremont.

Speaking of Matt Tremont, he was in the main event against Eddy Only.   It is always nice to see Eddy Only get beaten up (I'll type that about him every time) but this was part of Matt Tremont's farewell tour, I believe, as he wrestled his final match around this time as well.  So it's somewhat sad, for Volume 7, because it marked the end of Homicide and Matt Tremont, but the future is looking good so we mustn't dwell but rather embrace it and ready ourselves for more fuckery.  


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