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Morning Trips
"My Parade"


If you've ever looked for an artist with a more pleasant sound than Morning Trips, I don't think you will find one.   "My Parade" has elements of pop where it can be played and enjoyed by a crowd, but it doesn't overstay its welcome.   For some reason, one of the first songs I think of in relation to this is "Lovefool" by The Cardigans which is a great song but at times the chorus (hearing those same lines repeat) can just be too much.   "My Parade" is dreamy, clean and it doesn't have that same sort of repetition.

Though the music reminds me nothing of the band, I think the video itself in some ways reminds me of Sugar Ray.   There is that quality of 1990's music videos when they were about to stop being so popular (and MTV went to focus on other things) and I think in a lot of ways as technology improved so did the extent to what could be done with videos.   The singer can be seen walking around during this video with others following and there are throwback elements to where it makes me feel like the wardrobe is at least out of the 1980's.   A real Flock of Seagulls/"Come On Eileen" vibe there.

While the video itself can transport me back to a time when MTV still played music videos (and essentially it could be a matter of picking up where they left off) the song doesn't feel like it is in any particular time.   The music doesn't fit the same time frame as the mid to late 1990's, yet it also doesn't sound the same as the dreamy pop you can hear right now in 2021.   If I had to give this song a very specific genre name I'd put it as future dreampop, which basically is what dreampop might sound like in the future-- as I think this song fits in really well with other songs which just haven't been created yet.

The video is fun, full of sunshine and even the beach (which is a nice distraction since I just got hit with about ten inches of snow here)  I like that the name Morning Trips makes me think of being a kid and waking up early to get on the road to go on vacation.   I've never really been a big fan of parades, but the song does relate them with bad news so I think that's fitting: the way that they would hold a parade in your honor when you die.   This really is just a song that seems impossible not to fall in love with and I really want to hear more from Morning Trips.  


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