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ICW No Holds Barred
Pitfighter X2


It was October in New Jersey and you could see the breath of Danny Demanto, just to show you how cold it was.   This is when we really start getting into the groove of the Pitfighter shows with there being a Pitfighter show on a Friday and then another Volume on Saturday.  With there being more shows in this sense and for the sake of wrestlers having matches on Saturday and not getting hurt so they can still compete in them, I think that ICW NHB has brought in some new wrestlers to broaden their horizons.

This is apparent in the first match as Eric Ryan defeats Neil Diamond Cutter.  Neil Diamond Cutter came out to that "Sweet Caroline" song and it's working for him.  This was my first time seeing NDC and even though he lost due to referee stoppage (stomps to the back of his head) he was impressive and he's got that character that makes you want to see him in ICW NHB again.  He just has this way about him where this seems like an environment in which he fits in.  If he didn't fit in, it'd be painfully obvious-- you could easily tell someone who wouldn't fit in with ICW NHB.

Speaking of the new talent we go into our second match with two wrestlers I have never seen before: Nolan Edward and Justin Kyle.   There are only two of them but they have four first names.   I mean this with all due respect, but Justin Kyle looks like Skip Sheffield.   Justin Kyle also came out to harsh noise static so he probably owns some of the same cassettes as me.   Nolan Edward lost with punches to the back of the head and Justin Kyle is just a monster.  While part of me wants to see Justin Kyle vs. SHLAK, I think the smart money would be on Justin Kyle vs. Dominic Garrini in the pit.

Though I have seen him outside of ICW NHB, this was my first time seeing Brett Ison in the pit and if you're talking about tough people not to mess with then he would be on the top of some lists for sure.  Since I mentioned the entrance music of Justin Kyle, I must say that the entrance music of Alex Ocean really bothers me (which, if he is a heel is a good thing)  Back in the early 00's I fell out of love with hardcore music because it all got to be too much of the "let's be heavy but then also have pretty singing", and while there is nothing wrong with that (I love From Autumn To Ashes, Atreyu and He Is Legend, for example) I just think this particular song is that epitome of emocore that I despise.   (And don't tell me who it is by because I don't care.  It's probably Bring Me The Horizon or one of their clones)

Alex Ocean did get booed by the crowd for some reason when he left the cage, but then he did this double stomp onto Ison who was laid out over some chairs.   That was a nice move but it didn't do the job.   Ison hit Ocean with a knee and KO'ed him to give Ison his first victory.  I wonder what Alex Ocean's record is.   In the next match, Casanova Valentine lost to AKIRA and this was, in many ways, for me, a dream match.  While they had dueling chants going at the beginning I heard one person yell something to the effect of "I like them both" and if I was there that would have been me saying that.  

After his loss, Casanova Valentine seemingly turned on Riley Madison while also taking a scene from "Half Baked" and telling only Larry Legend that he was cool.   Alex Colon and Orin Veidt are two of the best in all of the world right now and it's sad to say but Veidt picked up another loss.  He seems to be going down that same road as Casanova Valentine only he doesn't have a manager to turn on.   In the main event, John Wayne Murdoch beat the shit out of Eddy Only and this was actually really satisfying.

Eddy Only is, as I've said before, one of those guys you just want to see get beaten up.   And so, to see John Wayne Murdoch do it is just something of beauty.   At one point during the match, Eddy Only went up to where commentary was and seemingly looked to jump off the stage or whatever and then kind of faked everyone out and just went back down the steps backstage.   As he came back through the entrance way, JWM hit him with a piece of door and as the commentary was smart to point out, all Eddy Only really did in that sequence was waste a lot of time.  

After the match, before the show ended, Eric Ryan came out and he started fighting JWM.  AKIRA came out to even up the odds and it was somewhat like a tag team match.  I haven't read too many spoilers but I know Nick Gage is still out injured and I think one day the payoff for this 4OH! vs. The Rejects feud has to be a Wargames type match with Ricky Shane Page, Atticus Cogar, Eric Ryan and Eddy Only vs. John Wayne Murdoch, AKIRA, Reed Bentley and Nick fucking Gage.  That has to be where this is all going eventually, right??  


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