Record Review //
Yes We Mystic
"Ten Seated Figures"

It's not every day that a band like Yes We Mystic comes along.   Intense rock pours through the speakers, at first reminding me of something on the radio along the lines of Coldplay but slowly it grows throughout the record into something more like Panic At The Disco.  By the time you've heard this record three or four times though, Yes We Mystic begins to take on a sound all their own to the point where you can only hear them as themselves and not as anyone else.

The last time I really heard an album like this was last year with a band called Typhoon.  Before that it might have been the band What Made Milwaukee Famous, who I'm still unsure as to whether or not they were ever as popular as they were in my own mind.   There are synths and it's symphonic, especially on "Vanitas Waltz".    When we get into "Please Bring Me To Safety" you can also hear that shift from Coldplay to PATD. 

Not often enough do I hear an album and think that every song could be a single, but "Ten Seated Figures" certainly feels that way.   "Win Ben Stein's Money" is a definite single.   Those who are old (cool?) enough to remember the show would likely be drawn to the band because of that, much like listening to a cover song, and yet the way that the title is sung during the chorus just makes it that much more memorable and fun to sing along.

Yes We Mystic is the type of band I feel might go unnoticed in 2019 and instead, maybe five or ten years from now, people will look back at this album more fondly.   It seems like it could easily be one of those "We missed it back then but we love it now" scenarios.  Only it shouldn't be.   Because I am here.  Right now.   Telling you how much you should be listening to every song on "Ten Seated Figures".    If you don't fully get into this one this year you have no one to blame but yourself.  


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