Music Review //
Crash Adams
"Astronauts" //

One thing I tend to enjoy about music is when it makes sense to me.   The fact that this song is called "Astronauts" and it is by Crash Adams just makes sense to me.  I feel like Crash Adams could be the name of some lost sci-fi character from the 1950's or 1960's who ventured through space in black and white.    The song itself opens up with this audio clip asking "Who am I? Who are we?  Who are we? Who am I? Calling all astronauts!"

Synths and guitars come blistering in, as this one feels like a combination of the 1980's and today.   It has that 90210 sound to it, but also something modern like that new Twenty One Pilots album.  I'm sure there are other modern pop rock artists who sound like this, just like it could be compared with other artists from the past, but the way this synthwave flows is just too smooth, too pure for me to really compare it with anyone specific- only time periods.

The chorus- the hook- is the line: "Are we running out of time for something new?" and I think that's one of those age old questions we really need to examine.   This is why, to me, this is such a great pop song.  You could hear this on the radio and take that line to mean what you want it to mean to yourself personally.  Yet, at the same time, I like to think of it as the more general question which can be traced back to the idea that everything that could be done has already been done.   This all connects nicely with the title, as stepping on the moon and such is new, but it's kind of like "Ok, yeah, we went to the moon, now what's next?  What else is there to do?"

"Astronauts" ends with the audio clip it opened with and while it projects that "nothing new under the sun" mentality through the lyrics, the music itself is created in such a way that it does feel new because it's this combination of electronic melody we haven't heard yet; it doesn't make you directly say "Oh yeah, this sounds like..."   That's what truly makes this song so special, so clever, is the way it says one thing and is another.    It should easily be a pop hit and perhaps one people give deeper thought to as well.