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Tess Posner
"New Angels"

"New Angels" is a song about witnessing a murder in broad daylight and is based on a true story.   It's not funny in a haha way, but it's funny in the way that you don't think things should be this way but they are.   It truly is a sign of the times.    People should have been getting better in time but it just somehow feels like, as a society, we're getting worse.

Big singing with beats brings out the souls.   It has this 1980's / early 1990's vibe like something along the lines of Tiffany or Debbie Gibson, but also something modern comes through like P!nk or Demi Lovato.    It's got soul and is very powerful, not just in the words but in the music which supports them as well.

When listening to these lyrics, there is a line about trying to hold on and it feels like this could be about death in a broader sense (I always tend to overanalyze things about death) but then you hit these lines it all makes sense:

"Driving on third avenue / wild willing bullets flew / saw a life stolen but whose / never even made the news"

Isn't it sad how this has become so common that it doesn't even make the news anymore?   The ideas of "Hold on / There's another way" and "Hearts are bound in barbed wire" can both be thought of in other ways but when paired specifically with further details of the story they become easily related and this song just hits too close to home as a plea for the senseless violence to stop.


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