Music Review //
Mat Creedon
"The Time Has Come"
(Nincompoop Records) //

With an electro vibe somwhere between Oingo Boingo and Interpol, Mat Creedon has created a song which reminds me of something from the past, present and future.  It is somewhat odd that I think of this song as spanning all aspects of time though, as it reminds me a bit of something out of "Doctor Who" as well, and not just because of that one synth line in it either.

Sure, there are musical elements in here like Muse that you could point out, but this song is so much bigger than just the way that it sounds.   This song is an anthem, not just because of the title but because of what it represents.   This is a call to action, a war cry, a way to say "Hey, wake up!  There is work to be done!" and it just so happens that the pace of it falls along with that so as to pump you up and get you going.

Somewhere out there I imagine a movie where this song is played in that critical moment where the good guys are about to stand up to the bad guys.   It could easily fit into something from the realm of Buckaroo Banzai, but when I'm listening to it the movie I most think about in images is "Mars Attacks!" and I think that works on so many different levels (The Tim Burton-Danny Elfman connection being one of them)

It's like a sci-fi film, not old enough to be in black and white but not as new as something like "Independence Day".   It's just that perfect spot of in between where it could be from the 1980's but doesn't really feel like it either.   More so than words can explain, it's a feeling that you will likely have projected into your own mind upon hearing this.   If nothing else, if you don't have these grand cinema experiences such as I do, this is at least a great song to set as your alarm to wake you from sleep and get you going in the morning.