Cassette Review //
"Race Against Time"
(dubbed tapes)

£3 //
Edition of 22 // //

Loud, droning tones start this off and then laser shots are fired behind them.   It creates this almost techno beat, which is something to be heard.    It feels as if a car engine is revving now, back and forth, as those cosmic laserbeams drop like shooting stars.    While it feels a little bit trippy, it is also whirring and glitching at the same time here.     Those frequencies continue to drop down behind this shaking whirr.

And now it's that feeling of a car stalling before the intergalactic space wars are being fought.   Static waves crash in and out and slowly drift to seemingly send us out to sea.   Lasers are kind of chirping like birds somehow and there is this windy whirr behind it which just seems to be taking us on a journey to something great.    It feels like we just kind of float off into space until we can no longer be seen and that's how it ends.

What I particularly enjoy about this piece is that sometimes you'll have artists create one of these sounds, stretch it out and then switch to another of the sounds, thus creating a longer song, perhaps even an album full of songs when Furchick has one compressed sound.   In most types of music, attempting to do this would be a bad idea, but Furchick makes it work here.   I thought that perhaps this was all of these sounds as individual parts layered on top of one another to create this unified sound, but it is from a live performance and so I suppose it is safe to say that Furchick is bring out ten sounds for every one of yours.


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