Monday, July 1, 2019

Music Review //
Andy Kong
"Westfalia" //

You know how everyone has that one song (or twenty) that they hear and they automatically know it?  I'm not talking about a song by a band or artist that you might follow in a traditional sense or maybe you don't even know who the artist is but you know the song.  There's this one song I hear in ads that goes "My heart is in Havana-nah-nah-nah" and I've looked up who sings it and I don't remember but I know the words somehow.   We all have songs like that, right?

"Westfalia" feels like a song like that, in *one* sense of it.   There this slow, smooth feeling of acoustics becoming electronic.   In some ways, it reminds me of that one Uncle Kracker song everyone knows- and regardless of how you might feel about Uncle Kracker you know there was at least one summer where you were singing along to that song.   As I make that comparison, I also realize it is because "Westfalia" just feels like such a great summer song, with the sunshine and just being outside.

Now when I say all of this it might make this song sound bad but in a good way.   It might make it feel like this song will get stuck in your head, but then over time you'll forget about it or maybe not want to listen to other songs by Andy Kong.   But through those slick stylings of the chorus you will hear a sound which goes above and beyond what you might hear on the radio.   I know when you think of music on the radio you don't hear this word often, but this song has substance.

Perhaps one of the best ways to think of this song is as a cool pop folk number.   Somewhere between Jack Johnson and Milky Chance is where you'll find Andy Kong.    It's the type of song where when you hear it for the first time, you will immediately fall in love.   But this song will not be enough for you.   You will be left craving more songs from Andy Kong as they could explore various avenues but you feel confident that wherever they lead us it will be to such a good, good place.

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