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T Cole
"Sipping Not Tripping"

The first thing I feel I need to get out of the way about the song "Sipping Not Tripping" by T Cole is that when you search for it on Google a lot of results come up for J Cole and a song called "Powertrip".  I firmly believe that in music- in the year 2021- your online presence is important and no matter how good your song is, if people can't find it then all else doesn't matter.   So I managed to find a video by searching through YouTube, which is how I suggest you listen to this song, but T Cole also has a Spotify account and Facebook page, though the Facebook page wants you to "add friend" so to have an actual page that someone can "like" is also important, I feel, as an artist in this digital age.

While the overall style of "Sipping Not Tripping" can be heard as R&B- a Destiny's Child type of feeling, if you will- there are some faster lyrics in the chorus.  There is a sound to this song which just doesn't get played enough and I feel like it needs to be out there more.  It's not quite the same as when you think of hearing R&B on the radio and the singer just belting it out, but it's also not the same as a straight up rap song either.   The way it is in between like Mýa or Aaliyah, even a bit of TLC, it just makes me happy because I'm thinking of a lot of artists from the past when there isn't so much of this style in the present.

Lyrically, I do enjoy this song because the mentality of it is one we should all share.  There is that old saying about how depression if focusing on the past while anxiety comes from worrying about the future.  Rather than thinking about what was or what could be- in the sense of this song, tripping- you should just live in the now and focus on what it is that you can do- in the case of this song, sipping.  It doesn't even have to be about actually sipping in the sense of drinking but just whatever it is that makes you happy and that you can control.  Maybe a baseball game gets rained out- you can't control the weather so go watch a movie you like inside.  Something as simple as that.

While I am just delighted to listen to this song and put it on whenever I feel like life might be getting me down, I must admit once again that the downfall of it is simply the availability.   If I'm specifically searching Google for you and your song, the first at least five results should point to you and not someone else.   It's hard enough being an artist in a world with just an overwhelming amount of music when people can find you.   Not having it be ridiculously easy for people to find your music just hinders you even more.  And I only say all this- I don't want to come as being harsh- because I think that people do need to hear this song and will enjoy it when they do.  The only thing holding this song back is being able to find it.


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