Music Review //
Porter Block
"I Don't Want To Wait"

Porter Block has created a catchy rock song which feels like something out of the 1990's but with a modern twist.   In a time when names like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty were taking over the radio and MTV, I could see this video and song fitting in perfectly.  But there is a slight modern twist to this song where it has that "Into The Ocean" by Blue October feel.   It really is just such a song that can be played within what are now considered to be classics but also within the current rotation of popular music.

This video goes back and forth between Porter Black sitting in a chair and playing with a band.  At one point, I see someone digging through records with a low price on them and I am reminded of the past, of a time when my dad used to talk about how inexpensive records were.   Time is a funny thing because you can remember it- there are little clues and memories out there so you know it happened- but you can't go back to it.   And even with the nostalgic feel of this song, that message still seems to be there: that you can't turn back the clock.

On some related-but-not-the-same level this song reminds me of S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.'s "It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day", which might also just be due to the fact that they both repeat the title as the hook.   I think it is important to have that sort of mantra for this song- "I Don't Want To Wait"- because as life is passing you by, do you really want to feel like your time is being wasted? We only have one go around and so I feel like every moment should count.  Yes, there are things you sometimes have to do that maybe you don't want to, but if it's for the greater good than do it (like waiting in traffic to get somewhere you want to go)

Without getting into a whole thing about it, one of my personal philosophies has always been to help build things up rather than tear them down.  It takes as much effort for me to create  a negative review of something as it does for me to create a positive review for one.  So, if I don't like a certain album, I don't feel the need to post about it because it doesn't really help anyone.  And it's in that way that we are reminded that maybe things like posting counterpoints on Twitter just to be a troll is a waste of time and when you look back, years from now, you're just going to see so many wasted days.  But I'm not waiting any more.  I feel like in some ways I've waited for too long.  Let this song open your eyes so you can start living now.