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Gerald Ahern


As soon as I hear the song "Wrong" my mind begins to think of various rock influenced by pop artists I have heard throughout my life.  Is there an easy choice to pick of which one Gerald Ahern sounds like?  No.  At times, I can hear a bit of the older sound within here such as PM Dawn, who I still feel like needs to be talked about more.   In a more modern sense, there was that Blue October song "Into The Ocean" and you can hear how this might be along those same lines.  But, overall, this song just seems to be creating its own ground through some which have already been made.

The lyrics with the song "Wrong" hit on two different levels.  As the title suggests, Gerald Ahern is admitting that he is wrong and that's something I think a lot of people don't always do and sometimes need to do.  For no real reason I think of that old man in the movie "Home Alone" who spent all that time not talking to his son.  At the same time, there is an aspect to this song which perhaps only I see where you stay in a relationship even though you know that you shouldn't-- you know that it's wrong.   I've been through that seemingly far too much in my life and so I do like that this song makes me feel like we can admit a situation is wrong and move on from it.

As far as music videos go, this one for "Wrong" accomplishes exactly what a music video for a song should.  It paints a clear picture of the song with scenes which reflect what is going on in the song, such as that telephone call, and then at the same time there are parts where Gerald Ahern is just singing in a live-like setting which is just what music is about.  I like music videos best, perhaps, when they go back and forth from singing the song to telling a story and that's exactly what I feel like Gerald Ahern is doing with "Wrong".

Listening to the radio right now, I feel like Gerald Ahern could fit right in with both the rock and pop stations because there are songs out there which sound like him- and artists as well- but they don't exactly like him.  I always go back to a song like "Bang" by AJR and feel like "Wrong" could have that same sort of hear it on any station vibe because it's such a unique sound.  It's not quite full on rock and it's not quite full on pop, but when you hear it, you'll know it and it can go just about anywhere it wants to go.  


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