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Lisa St. Lou
"Ain't No Good Man"

Lisa St. Lou comes out swinging with the song "Ain't No Good Man".   Right from the start, it just hits you.  I'm sure there are actual musicians of sorts who exist out there that sound like this- maybe not- but I think about different movies when I hear this.  Jessica Rabbit, for example, and then the song "It's  Man's Man's Man's World" by Jurnee Smollett-Bell from the "Birds of Prey" movie.  It just feels like this one should be performed live somewhere in a fancy club where people sit down and servers bring them drinks and food.  Lisa St. Lou on stage in a full, glamourous dress with a backing band dressed to the nines.

There are two sides to this music video.  In one of them, Lisa St. Lou can be seen sitting near barrels drinking alcohol.   I feel like as much as I want to think of this song as just full of soul it has some underlying country elements and this just plays on that.  In a large way, this is a song about being upset with your partner and so in that sense it does feel like it's country in the way that everyone should be able to relate to it because no matter your background or upbringing you likely have had relationships with other people.  And even if you don't want to be romantic about it, just think about a former boss or the government.

The other side of this video shows Lisa St. Lou wandering around, looking like a fairy princess, in a pretty pink dress but with alcohol bottle in hand and lipstick smeared.  This is an important aspect of the video and the song because while you can feel like there is no good man because of something which happened to you, it is very important to not let it define you.  Heartbreak is a part of life but you should never let anyone else determine who you are.  That's the strongest message I get from this song.

This song really just takes this genre of music which is somewhere between big band and soul, like certain songs you'd hear Whitney Houston sing but also Dolly Parton could belt it out just as well.  You add in the lyrical value with a video which is just fun to watch but also should help you in your struggles (work struggles count) then you've got a song you won't want to miss.  I just hope to see it live one day, on a giant stage with full orchestra and an overall rather fancy party. 


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