Music Review //
"Remnants" //

When the song "Remnants" first begins it sounds like it's going to be a dance number.  There is all that synth enthusiasm of an artist from the 1980's/1990's such as Human League, but also there is some modern sound within here as well such as one might hear in The Killers.   But something else exists within this song which makes it pop a bit more in the punk realm.  I think a comparison to an artist such as Panic At The Disco or Fall Out Boy would seem fitting because I feel like they could make a song similar to this but not exactly like this.  The best way I can think to describe this is like if My Chemical Romance made a dance number.

The chorus of this song touches upon the title: "And how it eats away my skin / And makes my mind so paper thin / The end never will begin / Your remnants sinking in"  From there it goes onto the line "I know the reason why you stay / But baby it doesn't wash away" and in this way I feel like this song is about moving on from your past to embrace your future.  Many times, when you're in a relationship (whether it be friendship or even a job) you have these emotional scars left when you move on to the next one and maybe you don't really, truly move on.  I've always felt this harder when leaving one job for another than I have with any personal type of relationships.

On some level though this song also feels like it's about someone trying to be with someone who is getting over someone else.   This is what they sometimes call the "rebound relationship", but I feel like the singer wants to be more than just a "rebound".   Still, I like to focus on the idea of this song not from the point of view of the singer but rather the person who he is singing to as the idea of moving on from our past traumas can be healing.  And even if we don't really feel like we suffered or went through anything bad, it can still be an ordeal which we need to heal from before we can go on at peace.

Under the dark guise of a dance song come some wise words I hope everyone takes to heart.  You could put this song on in any number of situations and Afterbliss will get the party started.  My only hope is that someone out there- even if it's only one out of ten people- takes the time to actually listen to these lyrics when they're done dancing and take them to heart.  I'm not sure what a lot of songs from the 1980's/1990's which sound like this are about lyrically but this one having a message means that it should be heard.  


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