Music Review //
Jody Bigfoot and Tandaro
(Trinity Lo-Fi) //

This album starts off with a slow saxophone sound.    This plays through the opening credits of the movie.    We begin to take a train ride through the city as that sax continues to blare.  People are boarding and leaving the subway and some of them wearing masks makes me confused as to whether or not this is during the global pandemic.   Singing slowly begins as people are shown crowded on the subway.   Beats come in with people walking and then Jody Bigfoot (I'm assuming) is shown walking and begins rapping.   He just said he wasn't surprised the weather was coming to murder us and I felt that.

With lo-fi beats this is fun hip hop that you can sing along with but ultimately I just want to play it loudly out of my car.   It reminds me a little bit of Uncommon Nasa, which is not a comparison I always make so that's cool.   The sax returns and I'll always have a love for that hip hop which has parts of R&B within it.  There is a guest rapper now and this guy can spit.   Skateboarding now and this is really fitting visuals with the music.   "Ring Ring" really should be a radio hit.  

When people put music on at a party, they often will use a streaming service such as Spotify.  If I was going to throw a party I'd just put this video on the television and it'd be one of the best parties ever.  This is just such a soundtrack to life, but the way you can watch while listening just adds to the experience.   "Do you love? / Do you lust?" "Everything burns and everything rusts / Everything dies and everything's dust"  Such strong lyrics during "Duszt on a Rock" and a little bit of a modern take on the Neil Young idea of "Rust never sleeps".

Each song flows together- as do the visuals- but you can still tell from song to song based upon how the video looks and the sound of the song itself where one song ends and the next begins.   This makes this album feel like one long song or the video like one long movie, yet it can still be broken down individually.  Shout out to Jody Bigfoot for making a song called "Where is the Style?" and wearing a Spongebob hoodie during the video.  That's style.   I do feel like it is important as an artist to have a sense of style.  To be able to say "This person would wear this" or "This person would never" is important.

On the next song the rapper has the mask around his chin so I'm going to say this was made during the pandemic and now Jody Bigfoot comes in with a mask on as well.   I love that this is an album you can just put on and vibe with but then when you watch the videos with the song it just feels like a party that you're a part of and not just music to play yourself.   There is a marionette puppet now and I am a little bit afraid of it.   "Hands" also has hit written all over it.  This video is a trip.

There's some really great singing now as buildings and the sky are shown.   This singing is the most of "It's All Good" and it's rather sunny and just an upbeat, uplifting type of song.   We're in the woods now and I just feel like we're relaxing, connecting with nature.  Rivers and mountains set the mood for reflection.   "When did we stop building the temples?" is a good question.  Paint brushes are shown now and this is for a giant painting which is a pretty neat visual.   This transitions us smoothly into the start and stop beats of "Ineffable".

The painting is actually of characters and though this could be considered hip hop, it is rather chill and it makes me feel like it's more of a self-reflection of music than what you might normally associate hip hop with.   I enjoy seeing the trees and the bubble is floating now.   People are shown in yoga poses and this really just feels like such a spiritual journey.   The beats make me feel a sense of renewed energy yet the running water images make me feel calm.    We get to a minimal sense of percussion and singing as we see the leaves and then the water.  Such lovely colors in here as well.

Musically, this can remind me of B. Dolan but it's really in its own genre of being hip hop which can inspire.   I know artists have created movies for their albums before (WHY? doing "AOKOHIO" comes to mind) but it isn't done often enough-- artists don't even create music videos enough.   But to be able to not only create an album which sounds like this but an entire movie for all of the songs just shows that Jody Bigfoot is on another level.  Other artists are going to have to start stepping up their game to be on this level. 


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