Cassette Review //
Tiger Village
"In Stereo III"
(Suite 309)

$7 //

Edition of 100 // //

As this cassette begins with the sounds of a pinball machine trill, it can quickly shift into something louder, a bit more harsh.   It's the virtual beating of something and makes me feel like we're inside of a video game because I don't think video games do it as much now (they're too realistic) but back in those SNES days when you hit a button to punch it made a certain sound along with it.   That's what I feel like I'm hearing here and it just keeps going until it gets more chaotic.  Is Punch Out a pinball machine somewhere because Tiger Village might have just made the soundtrack to it.

Beeps expand and contrast now, in this start and stop electronic melee.   We've broken down into some electronic skramz now and it's rather fun, like a rollercoaster ride which could go off the rails at any moment.   We go into a more bass-fueled dive now to where it feels as if we're inside of an old "JAWS" video game.   I wonder if such a game ever did exist for the Atari or NES because I don't remember it but it does seem like it should be there.   Some clanking and banging through this song now as lasers blast off.   This is what happens when the Transformers meet droids and I'm also a little surprised that crossover hasn't happened yet.

It feels as if we're plucking strings and then it is all reduced to these beeps and then ohm tones.   This takes us into this slow drone, like an accordion almost, and it just feels as if we are sending transmissions while lost in space.   The sounds now can be acoustic plucks but they also could be the banging of an acoustic drum.   Synth tones shoot through and it feels like we're watching space now more than being stuck within it.   We end up in this rhythm now which sounds like working robots.    It's really just evolving into a symphony of electronics now, which is something I feel like we've come to know from Tiger Village.

As the distorted synths really begin to expand I feel like we're underwater or just floating through the sky, but no longer in space.    This now turns into a rhythm of tones combined with beats which just makes it feel like we're playing a video game which gets more difficult with each level we conquer and we are making our way to the end because those Tetris pieces are just falling down so fast.   The bass is slapping in now as well.    We go into the next song which has much louder smacks and it can also feel like a pinball game but a rather violent one.   Triumphant synth comes through now, as if we're on a quest.

The way this all kind of faded down and cut off I thought it was the end of the side- as cassettes can tend to have that effect- but now the music has returned with bouncing ball type bass and rather pleasant sounding tones- almost like a music box- which just takes us into the vast void of nothingness.  The tones become more isolated, one pinball move at a time, before the distorted beats take over.   It gets a little sharp in here too- the frequencies can just shift to be higher pitched and that makes me a little uncomfortable because of my ears but the beats kick in and drown it out.   And then just some fun tones almost sound like a polka and bring us to the end of Side A.

On the flip side we open with some tones which have this sound like they're about to go into a hip hop song- I feel like they could become Ashnikko.  But then they turn more into a video game ringing and they're just so spaced out.   The tones dance around and go back to what they sounded like before, as I think they're going to go into that hip hop.   There is also an element of a video game in here such as Legend of Zelda though, so that cannot be ignored.   Beats come in a bit more frantic now and this just feels like it's taking off to where you might want to get up and dance.  

The synth slides through now and everything seems to be happening in single file rather than all at once.   Beats come in and this once again feels like a dance number and it just skyrockets from there.   Quiet beeps now like sonar.  Everything has become minimal.    We're bouncing around again, this time with a little bit of slide and the frequency is set to trippy.   Fast paced beats now like a paddle ball toy set to machine gun quickness.   It feels like we're going back to the skramz and the laser blasts shoot right through, destroying all of the enemy spaceships within Asteroids.

A more chill sound opens the next track up as some distortion slips through.   This song has a groove which has me nodding my head along with it, though sometimes those frequencies go up too high for my ears.   There are more than one layer to this track now and they're all somewhat fighting each other, trying to appear at the top before we go dancing along with the next set of happier synth, somewhat like a "Miami Vice" sound.    Full on beats kick in and this one has just turned into one of my favorite songs.   There is a little bit of Double Dragon in here as well, which I do enjoy.  

Back to the quieter, the minimal, we have some sounds slowly creeping in.  This goes from feeling so minimal and small to just taking off in a big way as the beats kick in.   If I was walking around in an arcade and heard this song coming out of DDR I wouldn't be surprised in the least.   I also just like to picture squares on the floor lighting up while listening.    Quieter, we have this slight sound of a ball bouncing before we reach the eventual end here.   It goes quiet for a moment but then comes right back with the loud and fast beats, lasers shooting in and everything.   There is rattling now, which can be heard at intervals.

Blissed out tones come through like a music box now but then this other level of tones cuts through where it makes it feel like it's evil.  I might just be watching too many versions of "Child's Play" lately but I'm thinking of some kind of music box which plays a song and when you hear it something bad happens to you- has that been a movie yet?  A long drone brings in some clicking and this one has just gone bonkers once again.   Magical tones come through now with beats and this somewhat makes me feel like the robots are taking over.   Faxes and modems become the dance.

This reminds me of some of those sounds you would hear in the Atari Star Wars games.  Words come through but I don't know what they mean.   This has stops and starts- skips- and then it just kind of glides along as well.  There is a steady rhythm of beats, like a heart pulsating, and then it just kind of all comes to an end.   If you consider this to be like one long video game I'm not sure if we've won or not but at least we had some fun along the way.