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She's Excited!
"Shock Therapy"

What I love about music is how I can feel this connection with it, sometimes to the point where I feel like there is a glitch in the simulation.   Recently, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about sleeping.   I feel like I'm tired all the time, but at the same time, I feel like I'm living my best life because I'm tired all the time.  Basically, if I was well rested and didn't feel tired I feel like I wouldn't be doing the things which I am doing and enjoying life.    This comes into light with the first song on this EP- "Add Clarity"- in which She's Excited! sings: "If I refuse to sleep / Who's gonna live my dreams?"

To add to this idea of life over sleep, these songs have a certain pace to them that feels like an all-nighter.   The sound of She's Excited! is like drinking Red Bull until you can just no longer go any more and then sleeping the whole next day, but hey, that time awake was well worth it.   There are beats, there are rhythms and it just strikes a chord when the vocals are belted out.  Somewhere between Lady Gaga and Madonna, Ladytron and Does It Offend You, Yeah?, She's Excited! is holding down the dance scene in a way which I truly feel like no one else is right now, which even in a pandemic should be celebrated.

This EP feels like what I would consider to be a maxi-single in the 1990's when you'd get a CD with a particular song or two on it and then some different versions of that song.  This would be past the days of cassettes though because I don't know how to split this evenly over two sides- as you'd think of the first two songs as the first side and the last three as Side B, which doesn't seem to make sense for a compact disc but if you were alive during the time you'd understand.   Along with "Add Clarity" there is a song called "Whole", which is also great and these two songs themselves should just be blasting out of your speakers at all hours of the night.

The first remix is from Cameron Gary and it is for "Whole".  I've listened to it maybe five times now and there aren't really lyrics in it and I just don't really feel how it's connected to the song "Whole".   It's a fun instrumental number that has a lot of beats but it doesn't feel like a remix as much as an entirely different interpretation.   On the other hand, the Trovarsi Live Modular Remix of "Add Clarity" is more like a traditional remix, giving this already energetic sound some more energy like something out of "Resident Evil".   The EP comes to a close with a Primitive Heart remix of "Add Clarity" which is kind of like the original but kind of not like the song- so somewhere in between tracks 3 and 4.

With a rock-like drive this can remind me of PJ Harvey at times or someone along those lines who created music in that time that was overlooked.   Your mission within these songs is to just put them on and keep going into the wheels fall off.   With an infectious energy, these songs could and should be all over the radio right now, filling the ears of the masses and causing a worldwide dance party.  If you're not on board and want to sit this one out that's fine but you're really better off just getting up and moving.  


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