Music Review //
Fritz Michel
"Look Out (Botticelli Girl)"

The music style of Fritz Michel can be described as singer/songwriter in the sense that this song feels largely like a voice and an acoustic guitar.  There is a calm to it, a folk feeling, and it makes me think of when songs like "Cats In The Cradle" by Harry Chapin were the norm for how rock music would sound.   There are, of course, other artists from that time and even modern artists who could fit into similar criteria but I just feel like each artist- such as Fritz Michel- brings their own voice to it.

When this song begins, it describes Christmas time and so it has that weird aspect to it where it isn't quite a Christmas song but it kind of is.   I'm always so reserved when it comes to music for the holidays because I prefer music which you can play all year round versus music only played during certain months, but then that becomes a whole other debate.  The thing is, even though this song does mention the holidays in the first verse and has a little bit of that holiday spirit to it, I wouldn't classify it as such and it can be listened to and enjoyed all year round.

Lyrically this paints a picture of a chance encounter with someone who is only known as "Botticelli Girl".  The idea that Botticelli was known for depictions of classical myths and legends just makes this song that much more important.  In all of our daily lives, if we venture outside, we're likely to share some kind of moment with someone.  This song isn't really about a casual encounter though, but more of a meaningful one- perhaps even a once in a lifetime one- and if you've ever had one before you'll certainly know it and can relate it with this song.  

This is a song which I could hear on the radio and begin singing along with because the chorus does say the title.  Eventually, if enough people heard this, it could have that summer vibe to it and be a mainstream hit just because in some other universe this is a similar song to "Cool For The Summer" by Demi Lovato, but just in essence.  There also aren't really a lot of acoustic songs which sound this way out there right now and so I fully do believe that the world could use this good energy.  


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