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When first listening to the K4LT album "Endgame" you might get the impression that it is rock and you might get the impression that it is electronic but the beauty within it lies in the fact that it is both.   Back in the 1990's when bands like Stabbing Westward and Gravity Kills existed more on the radio there was always this "Resident Evil" vibe where it felt like the electronic beats of one artist wanted to merge with the distorted guitars of a rock band.   K4LT has found a way to bring both of these ideas together.

Right away, I hear the darkness in these songs.  Through distorted electronics come beats which remind me of Tony Njoku and WHY?.   "Loading Screen..." starts off a bit like Pink Floyd but then these nice vocals come in with guitar strums and beats.  It's a definite combination of sounds but what two elements you hear to create this is up to you.  Before the end of the second song, it kicks in heavily distorted like Velvet Revolver or perhaps Deftones.   Electro-bliss comes out on "Ahead // back" while there are notes in a pattern with distortion and perhaps the sound of guns or a car starting on "Fugae".

"Fugae" is also one of the more interesting songs on here because it is instrumental but it creates such a mood.  It speaks perhaps more than any of the other songs and that is without words.   As it grows darker, with distortion, it reminds me of Bush but specifically how they sounded on "Razorblade Suitcase".  And that just brings me back to that idea of a band like Bush- back in 1997 or so- creating an album with more beats and synths in it to create an electronic rock sound.   That is what it feels like, to some extent, K4LT is doing here.

This all ends with a song called "Extinction Aphelion" which has singing, somewhat like Panic! At The Disco and then also beats and synths.  It's one of the best ways for this album to end because it's just such a great way to bring all of the previous elements together.   The singing has soul and reminds me a bit of the Sonic Youth song "Superstar".   It just has that way about it- where it creates a mood- and the way that this whole album can just make rock and electronic music fuse together so perfectly is something everyone should hear.  


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